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Industrial Mobility

Safety certification services for battery-powered, fuel-powered, and fuel cell-powered industrial vehicles.

Forklifts, lift trucks, tractors, aerial work platforms, tuggers, belt loaders, baggage carts

UL Solutions offers industrial mobility testing and certification services, as well as our global expertise, to help you address evolving safety risks and market requirements. We can help you demonstrate that your industrial trucks, e.g., tractors, platform-lift trucks, fork-lift trucks, and other vehicles designed for specific industrial uses, comply with safety requirements for fire, electric shock and explosion. With our leading expertise in legacy technologies, such as internal combustion-powered industrial trucks, as well as developing technologies, like industrial e-mobility trucks, UL Solutions can help increase end users’ confidence that your products comply with the latest safety and performance standards.

Electric power is rapidly changing today’s technology. While this technology lowers carbon emissions, it also adds complexity to workplace safety. Our industry-leading safety expertise spans the regulatory and performance requirements for hundreds of industries and thousands of products. We can help you streamline the certification process to get your products to market faster. 

In the U.S., NFPA 505, OSHA 1910.178, and ANSI/ITSDF B56.1 set fire safety requirements for lifting trucks. These codes require vehicles in hazardous environments to meet specific safety and performance requirements. You can gain access to markets with regulatory and code-compliant products with certification to UL 583, the Standard for Electric-Battery-Powered Industrial Trucks or UL 558, the Standard for Industrial Trucks, Internal Combustion Engine-Powered.

Other countries may require certification to the EN 1175-1 standard. UL Solutions can provide an individual certification — or a blended test program with UL 583 or UL 558 — to help you reach more markets more efficiently. 

Regulatory compliance needs for industrial automated guided vehicles 

Many industries are turning to automation to increase inventory accuracy, reduce labor costs and improve workplace safety, thus realizing the benefits of rapidly advancing automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology.

UL Solutions offers certification services that include requirements for battery-operated AGVs for use indoors in a commercial or industrial environment. The AGVs covered by UL 3100, the Standard for Automated Mobile Platforms (AMPs), include industrial truck AGVs, load-bearing service AGVs, non-load-bearing service AGVs and others.

This service supports the requirements that industrial truck AGVs should be installed and used by following the safety standard for driverless, automatic guided industrial vehicles and automated functions of crewed industrial vehicles, ANSI/ITSDF B56.5, and with the NFPA 505 safety standard for powered industrial trucks.

Control systems safety assessment

UL Solutions provides a service that incorporates specific reliability stipulations for the controllers used within these AGVs if they are determined to mitigate risks associated with the vehicle’s safe operation. Some risks associated with safety include:

  • Load arrangement detection.
  • Path deviation.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Loss of power.
  • Start-up control.

Control systems, whether produced by the industrial truck manufacturer or supplied by a control system manufacturer, are required to undergo a safety analysis and a possible software and hardware evaluation program if they control parameters critical to the safe operation of the industrial AGV.  

UL Solutions offers individual controller and control system manufacturers a program where they can submit their controllers to be evaluated for compliance to UL 583. If the controller obtains a UL Mark upon successful evaluation, assessment and testing, it can speed up the final industrial AGV certification.

Electrification of aviation ground support equipment 

The increased electrification of ground support equipment (GSE) is part of a global effort toward cleaner air transportation and to help meet the demand for on-time flights. Airports and airlines save significant operating costs by implementing green transportation. The transition from internal combustion to electric engines has been partly due to the necessary technologies, particularly lithium batteries, becoming more mature and affordable. As a result of the environmental benefits of reduced fuel consumption, several major airlines, including United Airlines, Air Canada, American Airlines and Southwest Airlines, have begun the global transition by converting 70%-80% of their GSE to lithium-battery-powered equipment.

UL 5840, the Standard for Electrical Systems of Battery Powered Aviation Ground Support Equipment, is the new bi-National, ANSI standard published to help facilitate the safe integration of these types of equipment. The Standard focuses on the electric drivetrain concerning the risk of fire, electric shock and explosion hazards associated with battery-powered electrical systems.  

Validation testing 

The rapid growth of the electrification of industrial mobility has not gone without performance challenges. UL Solutions has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable staff members who work with product manufacturers to assess and validate the electrification of industrial trucks. Examples of validation services we offer include:

  • Charge and discharge operations of the battery (lithium) during a normal 8/16-hour operation.
  • Speed tests – Duration of cycles (lead-acid vs. lithium) while recording the truck configuration (mast, load, tires, etc.)
  • Cycles tests – Number of cycles completed on full and half charges (lead-acid vs. lithium) while recording the truck configuration (mast, load, tires, etc.)
  • Functionality tests – Functionality tests to assess the functionality of the industrial truck after 4/8/16 hours of usage with a lithium battery. 

Our trusted reputation can increase the confidence and credibility of your offerings. Learn more about how UL Solutions can partner with you to support your validation needs. 

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