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Hydrogen Integrated System Services

Enhance safety and manage risk with our advisory, testing, inspection and certification services for every step of the hydrogen value chain.

Worker operating a gas tank in a factory.

Hydrogen safety, advisory, testing, inspection, regulatory and sustainability services 

The hydrogen economy is evolving faster than ever. Among many driving factors is a heightened societal demand for decarbonization, which has resulted in new regulations, as well as government subsidies for research and development on evolving hydrogen technologies.

UL Solutions has been at the forefront of elevating safety in these emerging technologies, including in the hydrogen economy. 

Global regulators often rely on our experts for their safety science expertise to assist with code, regulation and standard development to help mitigate risk.

Managing hydrogen technology’s new interoperability, security and safety risks

Part of the hydrogen value chain involves complex interactions between hardware and software products from different suppliers. With these integrations and interactions come new interoperability, safety, security and sustainability challenges.

To face these challenges, you need a trusted partner. UL Solutions can help you navigate the industry’s regulatory landscape and position yourself in this competitive hydrogen economy.

We are a globally recognized leader in safety science. We offer decades of industry experience, as well as our participation and leadership in standards development organizations and trade associations. 

Our services will support you at each step of the value chain — from advisory services, global regulatory research, research and training to the testing, inspection and certification of your new materials and innovative components, products and systems — allowing for the safer production, delivery and storage of hydrogen. 

Comprehensive UL Solutions services for hydrogen

With UL Solutions, a global leader in safety science, you can better navigate the world of regulations and standards. We are recognized for our experience in energy and asset advisory services, due diligence, testing, certification and software applications, including for the solar, wind and offshore wind industries. 

We can provide cost-effective approaches and timely input into your project plans and market access, helping you maximize your return on renewable energy generation.

Our advisory services can help you control your total cost of ownership in product or project certification, early-stage feasibility and design, project development and financing, operational wind and solar projects and extend the life of your assets.

We also offer training, asset management services, feasibility studies, environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting, functional safety, cybersecurity, hazardous locations, global market access, regulatory assessment services, field services and audits.

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