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Emerging Trends in Hydrogen Appliance Combustion

Join UL Solutions industry experts for our complimentary webinar sharing a perspective on gas blends for hydrogen combustion appliances.

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Watch now: Emerging trends in hydrogen appliance combustion

Join UL Solutions experts for a perspective on gas blends and applicable regulations in Europe and North America for hydrogen combustion appliances, as well as information about how UL Solutions can support you on your road to success.

Webinar date

Dec. 13, 2022


Mark Skierkiewicz, principal engineer for gas/oil burners and gas/oil heating equipment


Giorgio Decataldo, business development manager


In today’s eco-conscious environment, companies are required to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and invest in new technologies to minimize the environmental impact. In the appliances and HVAC sector, an energy transition is ready to start with the target of zero CO2 emission and reducing the use of natural gases. The main challenge is to increase safety and efficiency of the appliances while operating with new fuel types, like hydrogen.

Partnering with UL Solutions — a global safety science leader for advisory, benchmarking, and certification services — can help build customer confidence and trust in your products. From the simplest to the most complex challenges, we can help you meet your certification, testing and sustainability need as you set yourself apart from competitors.

Manufacturers are required to test the products to the applicable requirements before being accepted into the market.

In this webinar, our experts discuss:
  • The current state of technology.
  • Implementations in Europe.
  • Transition for North America.
  • How UL Solutions can help.


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