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Supply Chain Compliance

Organize, validate and share accurate data across the whole supply chain with ease.

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Efficiently navigate supply chain compliance

Today, with more rigorous global regulations, increased scrutiny from consumers and other stakeholders, and greater reliance on global sourcing, it is business-critical to maintain oversight and governance of your supply chain. 

Communicating requirements while maintaining the security of your confidential product information is as important as preventing environment, health and safety (EHS) incidents and providing real-time insights into chemical and materials management. Supply chain transparency activities, such as conflict minerals reporting and warehouse slotting, include complex tasks that are now beyond the means of hard copy records.

With our help, you can navigate this complex web of supply chain compliance. Our software solutions will help you share confidential information, manage and transport inventory, organize chemical information, and simplify your processes at the same time. Our automated supply chain compliance tools are complemented by the specialized capabilities of our team of experts in the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) standards, EHS, and hundreds of other global chemical regulations.

Our supply chain regulatory compliance solutions

Deliver supply chain compliance with UL Solutions

We are a global leader in solutions for sharing, analyzing and managing product-related data across the supply chain. We work with companies of all sizes to connect their supply chains and to more effectively handle, store, transport and dispose of products in compliance with global regulations. Furthermore, our solutions help you protect company proprietary information, attain sustainability goals, and manage reputational risk. Our solutions will help you to:

  • Manage the simple update of frequently changing information due to changes in formulation, physical properties or regulations
  • Increase the quality and accuracy of data
  • Decrease turnaround time for requests for information across the supply chain
  • Mitigate risk of passing inaccurate data through multiple tiers of the supply chain
  • Share the same data with multiple buyers, ultimately saving time


Connect retailers with their supply chain to meet critical compliance and safety needs, while protecting a supplier’s intellectual property with WERCSmart.


Leverage a comprehensive data management and decision support platform that enables companies to share information about material inputs, products and suppliers up and down the supply chain.

Supply Chain Network

Reduce the manual efforts of product questionnaires and increase accuracy and integrity while building data equity with Supply Chain Network.


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