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Are your Industrial Automated Mobile Robots or Platforms Safe?

Help ensure safety and gain an understanding of the evaluation requirements of UL 3100.

Industrial automated mobile platform with robotic arm in warehouse picking up products off the conveyor.

New technology, such as the automation of routine functions, is rapidly increasing in the industrial environment. As this type of technology becomes more embedded, the safety of the automated mobile robot (AMR) or automated mobile platform (AMP) becomes increasingly more important. UL has developed UL 3100, the Outline of Investigation for Automated Mobile Platforms, to help ensure industrial AMPs and similar types of products are safe.

Through the evaluation concepts and certification that UL 3100 offers, AMRs or AMPs are evaluated for applicable safety risks that are present in an industrial environment. This webinar will allow you to gain an understanding of the evaluation requirements of UL 3100, the inherent risks to consider and mitigate, and UL’s assessment approach for AMPs. This presentation will also provide insight into how you can proactively be an industry leader and differentiate your organization with the safety of your AMPs in the ever-changing automated industrial environment.

The requirements covered in the webinar include:

  • Risk of fire, shock, energy hazard and injury
  • Batteries and battery management systems (BMS)
  • Object detection and avoidance
  • Risk assessment
  • Functional safety
  • Robotic payloads
  • Product Integration

Additionally, from an overall product and system perspective, UL 3100 can also impact machinery, functional safety, robots and robotics equipment, and both manufacturers and integrators incorporating this automation into a factory setting.


Joe Bablo, principal engineering manager, energy and power technologies division, UL


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