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Fire Safety Testing and Certification Laboratory in the Midlands, UK

UL Solutions and the Fire Protection Association (FPA) support the UK building product and system manufacturing segment and construction industry with a fire safety testing and certification lab in Blockley, UK.

UL Solutions Blockley lab opening

Fire safety is top of mind across the United Kingdom

In the wake of the devastating Grenfell Tower fire, government officials pledged to make significant reforms to building regulations to prevent future tragedies. Laws, such as the Fire Safety Act and Building Safety Bill, are bringing more scrutiny to critical aspects, such as fire-safety systems. 

Having to meet these new regulations puts added pressure on local authorities and building contractors to remain up to date— UL Solutions provides testing and certification services to appropriately manage liability while protecting lives and property. 

Enhanced capabilities and expanded relationship 

UL Solutions and the Fire Protection Association (FPA) are joining forces to expand the testing and laboratory capacity at the FPA’s Blockley, Gloucestershire laboratory. Fueled by a shared vision to work towards a safer world, the partnership between the FPA and UL is primed to support contractors and building owners achieve regulatory compliance.

Through our investment and participation at the Midlands’ site, manufacturers across the U.K. and Europe can access crucial services to demonstrate compliance with various standards, earn marks from UL Solutions, such as the UL EU Mark, and markings such as CE and UKCA.

A wealth of services available

The expanded Blockley laboratory can now accommodate testing for a broad range of products for manufacturers who seek to demonstrate compliance with applicable standards, including: 

Building products and systems

  • BS 476-20: 1987
  • BS 476: Part 22
  • EN 1363-1: 2012
  • EN 1363-2: 1999
  • EN 1364-1
  • ENV 1363-3: 1999
  • UL 263, the Standard for Fire Tests of Building Construction and Materials

Doors and windows

  • BS 476: Part 22
  • EN 1634-1
  • UL 10B, the Standard for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UL 10C, the Standard for Positive Pressure Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UL 10D, the Standard for Fire Tests of Fire-Protective Curtain Assemblies

Fire Stops and joints

  • EN 1366-3: 2009
  • EN 1366-4:2006+A1:2010 (excluding seal tests with movement)
  • UL 1479, the Standard for Fire Tests of Penetration Firestops
  • UL 2079, the Standard for Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems
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