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Doors and Windows Enhanced Security Performance Certification

Demonstrate the security and performance of doors and windows throughout the manufacturing process with enhanced security performance certification.

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Certification helps demonstrate your commitment to providing high integrity products that are confirmed to meet market requirements. UL Solutions provides testing and certification for manufacturers of doors and windows to validate that their products meet enhanced security performance requirements, which may help differentiate their products in the U.K. domestic build market.

The certification scheme for the enhanced security performance of windows and doors meets the requirements for the U.K.’s Secured by Design (SBD) police owned initiative. The scheme aims at reducing crime by adopting crime preventing measures throughout the design and build of new homes. Enhanced security certification is another route to compliance with Approved Document Q of the building regulations. 

UL Solutions also offers certification for the general performance of windows and doors. This is an entry level certification scheme covering products manufactured to the following British standards:

  • BS 644 Timber windows and doorsets
  • BS 7412 Specification for windows and doorsets made from unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-U) extruded hollow profiles
  • BS 4873 Aluminium alloy windows and doorsets
  • BS 8529 Composite doorsets. Domestic external doorsets.
  • The scheme is the first step for manufacturers who would like to achieve certification for enhanced security performance to comply with the requirements of SBD.  

Meeting the requirements of SBD certification means domestic windows and residential doors must be tested to meet PAS 24 certification, which is the testing specification for enhanced security performance requirements. Complete windows and doorsets are tested by replicating the forces that would be applied by an opportunistic burglar. The test for enhanced security includes:

  • Hardware manipulation
  • Glazing security assessment
  • Mechanical loading test
  • Manual check test

Transferring your existing product certification over to the UL Mark

The UL Mark is recognized by industry associations, local authorities and other stakeholders around the globe. UL Enhanced Mark users benefit from our Product iQ® system, where their buyers can access trusted UL certification data.

The process for transferring your existing product certification from another supplier over to our UL Mark is simple:

  • Fill in an application form for our certification service. 
  • We will review the application and provide a quotation for certification. 
  • When everything is confirmed, either send us your latest type testing report data, or a sample of your product, which we will test in our fenestration laboratory. 
  • We will carry out the required work such as factory audits, documentation reviews and any required testing. 
  • Once the above steps have been completed, UL certification is granted, giving customers the ability to use the enhanced UL Mark. 

Why UL Solutions?

UL Solutions’ testing capabilities for door and window products can help you validate enhanced security performance standards per Secured by Design specifications, helping differentiate your product in the market.

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