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CableMES Implementation

A robust customer journey requires specialist teams to work closely with customers to facilitate a streamlined handover, including on-site scoping workshops, system setup and integration, and training.

Workers moving roll of copper wire.

The benefits of working with UL Solutions don’t end after purchasing our cable design software, CableMES.

A robust customer journey continues as specialist UL Solutions teams work closely with the customer to facilitate a streamlined handover, including on-site scoping workshops, system setup and integration, and training.


After the first day of implementation, we’ll hold a five-day on-site workshop between a UL Solutions implementation consultant and the customer’s technical team.

During this visit, the teams will conduct a site survey, gain an understanding of the existing manufacturing architecture, define the project plan and agree on the key deliverables and outcomes.

A comprehensive company analysis enables the implementation team to understand the customer’s CableMES knowledge, the number of plants and machines, and the current working methods.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) data extraction facilitates seamless integration between the ERP system and CableMES.

System setup

Following the initial scoping phase, a robust system setup process can commence. This phase lasts approximately two to three months, depending on the customer’s current setup.

The UL Solutions team will identify existing plant software and systems that will require integration with CableMES, which will facilitate the population of various databases.

Any necessary hardware will be installed alongside the database population exercise, and the team will conduct rigorous testing.


The training element of the implementation processes will instruct individual users on basic functionalities and demonstrate how to customize dashboards that each user can configure individually.

Users will gain knowledge of the functionalities of the whole system, and training guides will be available.

A train-the-trainer session will equip suitable customer team members to undertake internal training.


At an appropriate point in the implementation journey, any necessary developments required to configure the system fully will be identified. Following an investigation, a specification document will detail key deliverables and timescales.

MES installation

The next step will be installing the CableMES software onto the server.

Before full installation sign-off by UL Solutions and the customer, we will conduct final testing to confirm that identified system developments are in place and functional.

End-to-end testing will occur, and the implementation team will determine if the system can move from the test environment to live status.


Before “go-live,” checks will confirm that CableMES has been installed on the server and that all customer needs have been met.


Final sign-off on the project will involve the UL Solutions implementation consultant and the customer super user. From here, the UL Solutions CableMES support team will take over and manage any future queries.


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