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Webinar: Eyewear Safety, Quality and Sustainability

Gain insights on the latest regulatory updates for the eyewear industry and learn more about why transparency is key to showing your sustainability commitment.

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Consumers buy glasses and sunglasses not only to improve their eyesight but also to wear a comfortable and beautiful design.

In addition, according to McKinsey's survey of consumers' perceptions of fashion sustainability, 67 percent of consumers surveyed said the use of sustainable materials was an important buying factor, and 63 percent said brands advertise sustainability in the same way. In response to this consumer demand, and to make their products stand out from competition, international eyewear brands are producing both stylish and environmentally friendly glasses.

UL is here to help your products meet both consumer expectations and regulatory requirements.

Learning objectives:
We invite you to join our webinar to learn more about:

  • Regulatory updates for the Chinese, EU and U.S. markets
  • Sustainability: where to start and the importance of transparency to show customers your commitment


  • Hedy Li: UL eyewear technical expert
  • Maria José Monteagudo Arrebola: UL sustainability expert

Language: English

Webinar: Eyewear safety, quality and sustainability

Learn how UL can help you meet both consumer expectations and regulatory requirements for your eyewear products.


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