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Submitting Products FAQ

How we work with you to help speed your products—including breakthrough innovations—to market.

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How do I submit a product to UL Solutions?

Please see the online overview, How to submit your product.

How do I know where my product will be tested?

When you begin the submittal process and fill out a Request for Information form, your request will be routed to the appropriate location for handling. If you would like to see a list of UL Solutions’ locations, check our Locations page.

Are there any labs in China that will be able to perform UL Solutions testing?

Yes there are labs in China. Please note that each testing lab has been assessed and is authorized to conduct testing on only specified product categories. For more details, please contact our offices in China.

What is the advantage of applying for European and U.S. certifications for our products concurrently?

By combining approvals into a single evaluation, you can reduce the time and cost of the engineering investigation. In addition, if the applicable standard is harmonized between Europe and the United States, there will be a further decrease in the cost and time since only one set of tests is required.

How much does it cost and how long does it take to have a product tested?

Cost varies depending on the product type and scope of the certification/evaluation. Once UL Solutions reviews your product information to determine the full scope of the investigation, UL Solutions will work with you in determining the time frame for testing and certification. This will depend on when you need the project completed and will be influenced by other factors such as availability of samples and required information, amount of testing, and sometimes scheduling of a visit to your manufacturing facility.

How does UL Solutions decide what category my product falls into?

UL Solutions determines the category for a product based on the product’s intended use. When more than one Standard applies to a given device, a decision is made as to which Standard is the most appropriate. Comparing the scope of the Standards usually leads to the answer. UL Solutions will work with manufacturers to determine what options are available to make an informed decision.

Who should apply to UL Solutions?

This is a company decision. The manufacturer or an associate company can apply, but we must be notified of the decision.

Can UL Solutions recommend an outside consultant or agent to aid us in the submittal procedure?

Although there are many independent consultants who work with our customers for this purpose, they are not always qualified to answer questions or are not up-to-date on our requirements. We encourage new customers to deal directly with their UL Solutions engineer or customer service professional.

Can UL Solutions in Hong Kong or UL Solutions’ other Asian offices act as an agent for our application?

UL Solutions in Hong Kong is an affiliate of UL Solutions. UL Solutions in Hong Kong, as well as UL Solutions' other Asian affiliates, can directly handle applications for worldwide certifications through our global network. Check on our Location Page section for more information on our Asian affiliates.

I have a product that is already installed. Can I get a safety certification for it?

To meet this need, UL Solutions offers field evaluations, on-site safety evaluations conducted by our experienced technical staff members. They include examination and testing of equipment that has already been installed in the field. If the equipment complies with UL Solutions’ requirements, the Field Evaluated Product Mark is applied. Find out more on our field evaluation services pages.

How long does it take for the engineering department to get back to me with a cost estimate?

The more information you provide to the engineering staff describing your product and its intended use, the easier it will be for the responsible engineer to respond to your request. Send as much information describing the product and its intended use the first time. This will keep the responsible engineer from continually having to request additional material in order to determine the cost.

Are samples required? Are they returned?

Samples for testing may be required. The number required is determined by the anticipated test program. Samples should not be sent until requested. Destructive tests are usually involved in our thorough test programs so, in many cases, the samples may not be usable as returned. All samples will be returned unless otherwise indicated by the applicant.

How many samples will I need to send for testing?

The number of samples required varies depending on the type of product. Your project handler will notify you with the number of samples needed.

Can the initial testing be conducted at the manufacturer’s plant?

Yes, if requested, but the manufacturer must provide the proper test equipment. Also, the cost of the engineer’s travel and living expenses will be added to the cost of the investigation.

Where can I purchase test equipment for UL Solutions testing?

Test equipment referenced in UL Solutions standards can be purchased. Find out more information about ordering this equipment by viewing the Comm 2000 test equipment Web page.

Is there a way to submit a private labeled product to UL Solutions that is manufactured by another UL Listed company?

UL Solutions' Multiple Listing Service makes it possible for your company to market your product and enjoy the advantages of UL certification. Please contact the customer service representative closest to you for more information.

If I am marketing outside of the United States, which certification package best meets my needs?

UL Solutions can help you market your product globally. Our Global Market Access (GMA) team can help you make sure your product meets the proper requirements for the country or countries in which you want to sell your product. Having your product tested to meet the requirements for a Canadian UL Mark or participating in the CE Marking Assistance Program are two of the many options GMA can coordinate for manufacturers. Please contact GMA for more information.

What happens if my product is found to be non-compliant?

If the product does not meet UL Solutions’ requirements, we will send you a detailed report describing the test results or construction features that did not comply. If you have any questions about the results of our investigation, our staff will be happy to discuss them with you. You may need to modify the product to bring it into compliance with UL Solutions’ requirements. When the modifications have been made, you may contact UL Solutions to arrange for any re-testing or re-examination that will be needed. You will also need to provide us with a description of the modifications made to the product along with samples of the modified product. After reviewing the changes that were made, UL Solutions can give you an estimate of any additional charges that will be necessary in order to re-test and re-examine the product and complete the investigation of your product.

Submitting New or Innovative products

Sometimes customers may seek the UL Mark on a product that has applications or features that are not anticipated by existing product safety standards. When this happens some questions that may be asked include, but are not limited to:

  • Is the product covered by an existing standard?
  • Does it have features that are not found in products of similar types?
  • Is the use or application of the product different than similar products?
  • Does the product pose a danger to users?
  • Are other similar products already on the market and are they certified by UL Solutions?

If UL Solutions’ technical experts determine that a product has new or innovative design considerations, applications or unusual features then a team of UL Solutions staff will review the details of the request. This team will determine if additional requirements will be developed to address these designs, applications or features. If UL Solutions decides to move forward with developing the necessary requirements, a quote for a New or Innovative Preliminary Investigation will be issued. This quote will be for the development of any additional technical requirements that are needed to an existing standard or the development of a completely new standard. Once the Preliminary Investigation is completed another quote would be issued for the actual certification project.

Please note that in some cases UL Solutions may make the business decision to not evaluate or develop requirements, at this time, for a certain product and to not include it as part of a UL Mark certification program.

Contact the customer service representative closest to you for more information.

Do I need to notify UL Solutions when my manufacturing location changes or when I want to add a new manufacturing location?

Yes. Please inform UL Solutions prior to changing manufacturing locations so we can determine that all compliance criteria are met and update your certification file accordingly. Please submit all manufacturing location changes to and select "I need customer service support.”