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Keeping the Smart Home Safe

Learn how to demonstrate IoT device security and compliance for appliances

Smart kitchen with several touch-screen appliances

As new smart features and connectivity are added to appliances, insecure IoT products can result in serious security risks such as product malfunction, unauthorized network access and the compromise of sensitive data.

Learn how UL’s IoT Security Rating helps assess and demonstrate cybersecurity posture to retailers, regulators and consumers. And as the first household appliance brand to achieve UL’s IoT Security Rating, see how GE Appliances incorporates advanced security principles into their product design and maintenance, and utilizes UL’s Verified Mark security label to differentiate their products in the marketplace.



  • John Ouseph, Technology Senior Executive for the Smart Home Solutions group of GE Appliances, a Haier company
  • Gonda Lamberink, Senior Business Development Manager at UL


Webinar date

June 16, 2020

Keeping The Smart Home Safe

Demonstrating IoT Device Security and Compliance for Appliances