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  • On-demand Webinar

Access the Safety and Conformity of Fire Rated Ducts

This on-demand webinar provides an understanding of testing, certification, and local requirements for fire-rated ducts, and how to assess the performance of your fire-rated ventilation air ducts and their closure systems.

Photo of fire rated air ducts

Fire-rated ducts can offer a higher level of protection than standard ductwork. Hear from UL’s expert, Luke Woods, to understand the:

  • Importance of the certification process
  • Standards for fire-rated ducts
  • Local code requirements and regulations
  • BS/EN fire testing and procedure for fire-rated ducts
  • Certification paths for fire-rated ducts
  • Supplemental testing and follow-up services
  • UL Data Acceptance Program (DAP) and its role in UL Certification programs


Luke Woods, principal engineer, fire resistance and containment, Building and Life Safety Technologies division

Webinar date: 

August 3, 2020

Assess the Safety and Conformity of Fire Rated Ducts