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Insights into 2020 U.S. Toy Recalls

Understanding toy safety hazards may help you bring safer products to market, protecting consumers and your brand.

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Toy manufacturers are required to make sure the products they develop are safe for children. And while most toys on the market conform to regulations, several toys are recalled each year due to specific safety concerns.

In 2020, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recalled nine toys out of 256 total recalls (3.5%).

Out of the nine toy recalls:

  • Three were related to a chemical hazard due to lead content
  • Two were related to small parts detaching from the toy, causing a small part and/or choking hazard
  • One was related to sharp edges or points
  • One was related to a burn or fire hazard
  • One was related to magnets ingestion
  • One recall was related to skull puncture, serious injuries

How manufacturers can prevent common toy safety hazards

Download our Insights into 2020 U.S. Toy Recalls eBook to gain:

  • An overview of the potential dangers involving toys 
  • Details on the most common risk categories
  • An understanding of the safety aspects to pay attention to when designing products.
  • An overview of the applicable regulatory requirements for each of the common risk categories
  • Suggested testing service packages that can help minimize the potential risks associated with toys.
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