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  • On-demand Webinar

How to Build a Cyber Risk Mitigation Plan for Today’s Connected Plant Webinar


Greater connectivity has added significant benefits to production such as data analytics, predictive and preventive maintenance, remote management and interoperability of systems. With these benefits also comes the added challenge of security of the control infrastructure from cyber threats.

Today, in manufacturing there is greater pressure to demonstrate strong security practices. Capital equipment owners in plants are now demanding suppliers of industrial automation and control systems provide evidence of their security roadmap in their practices and supply chain management to help assure the security of their assets, facilities, systems and data.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how to build a cyber risk mitigation plan for today’s connected plant using IEC 62443 to address risks and validate effectiveness through testing and assessment and securing your supply chain.

Webinar participants will learn:

  • Why plants need to assess and build security into their operations
  • How cybersecurity requirements for industrial automation and control systems in IEC 62443 can help build cybersecurity into processes
  • Factory risk assessments from an independent third party can help to understand security risks and gaps
  • Proactive steps to take now to start to build a cyber risk mitigation plan