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Electromagnetic Modeling of Virtual Humans to Determine Heart Current Factors

In this research report, we detail some initial 3-D electromagnetic modeling using full human body geometry to understand the pathways for current flow during an electric shock conditions for different pathways. Though the human body models have not been fully validated, one of the key challenges being the ability to obtain accurate human tissue electric properties, we believe that these results show the promise in using such modeling to advance electric shock safety.

As for the particular results shown in this study, it is noteworthy that all the HCF predicted by the model either agree or are larger than those in the electrical safety standards. A higher predicted HCF value, for a specific pathway, as compared to the values listed in electric safety standards points to a greater danger of VF from a current flow. Mindful of the limitations of this research, these results may still be worth investigating further and in greater detail and precision.

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