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Developments in Smart Building Technologies, Standards, Programs and Studies

This webinar will help you understand recent standards developments targeting smart buildings technologies, how to assess the strengths and needs of a facility, and what new technology may bring a fresh round of innovations.

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This first segment will discuss recent efforts in standards groups including IEEE and TIA to specify the technology for single pair ethernet and its implementation methodologies. Additionally, we will cover UL’s recent efforts to help end users understand, analyze and prepare facilities for these technologies through the SPIRE™ Smart Building Program. Finally, as higher power distribution and intelligent control systems merge, we will discuss how UL is leading the efforts to safely usher in a new era of power distribution.

Parts two and three, at later dates, will provide additional discussions on the safety concerns of higher power distribution methodologies, how UL is planning on addressing the issue and recent code developments to address these new technologies.

Learning objectives:

This is the first in a 3-part webinar series covering the evolving state of smart building technologies that are combining data and power distribution, steps to prepare for implementation, and how the standards are evolving in response. 


Paul Vanderlaan, senior staff engineer, UL

Webinar date:

Dec. 8, 2020

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Developments in Smart Building Technologies, Programs, Studies and Standards