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Invoicing and Billing FAQ

Answers to your UL Solutions billing and invoicing questions

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Where do I send my payment?

Payment instructions, including banking details and remittance advice mailbox information, are located on all UL Solutions invoices.

  • Check payments:  Please list the invoice numbers being paid on the remittance stub
  • Electronic funds transfers including ACHs, IBANs, wires, online bill payments and credit card payments:  Please send the invoice numbers being paid to the remittance advice mailbox on your invoice

It is important to review your invoice to ensure the vendor name and banking details in your A/P system matches the company name and banking details on the invoice to be paid. To obtain W-9 or W-8BEN documents and update your vendor set up, please contact the Customer Experience Center at CEC [at] ul [dot] com.

How can I get a copy of an invoice?

You can get access to your invoices securely on our Invoice Portal at Invoices can be viewed, printed and online payments are available for some UL Solutions invoices.  This payment feature will expand to cover additional UL Solutions invoices beginning in 2022.

Invoices for my company are being sent to the wrong person. How do I get this corrected?

The requested updates can be sent to our Customer Experience Center at CEC [at] ul [dot] com.

What are the payment terms for UL Solutions issued invoices?

Generally, the terms are payable upon receipt unless your company has negotiated other terms commensurate with your credit status.

Why is the new work invoice more than the project price?

This is primarily due to travel expenses, materials/supply charges and/or shipping expenses that can only be determined after the project is completed. These charges were not included as part of the originally quoted price.

How do I get a purchase order number on my invoices?

Contact the Customer Experience Center at CEC [at] ul [dot] com.

What is an annual fee and what does it cover?

This fee, assessed on Jan. 31 each year, covers the cost of maintaining a client’s listing. It covers costs such as:  maintaining UL Solutions' database system for UL Listings, Recognitions and Classifications; mailing pertinent and relevant information for clients on a specific category basis; supporting field and office staff that assist with technical questions; printing company information in our product directories; supplementing Standards development; and other areas. This fee is assessed for each client’s manufacturing location. Multiple and alternate listees are also issues an annual fee invoice to maintain those services.