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2020 Furniture Industry Summit

Learn about the latest updates on standards, regulations and market trends from a rich suite of industry experts and keynote speakers.

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UL’s 2020 Furniture Industry Summit gathered industry experts and keynote speakers who shared and discussed the latest updates on international standards and regulations, current issues, and market trends for the office furniture industry.

Summit takeaways:

  • Learn about updates on standards and regulations
  • Hear about the status of standard harmonization
  • Learn about solutions to adapt safety to evolving environments

Date of recording – Oct. 14 and 15, 2020

Guest speakers

Day 1

  • Dave Panning, BIFMA technical services
  • Dragan Macura, Linak compliance regulatory manager
  • Tomas  Ekström, ISO TC 136 liaison officer 
  • Marco Fossi, President, TC 207, and safety officer, Federlegno 
  • Matteo Longoni, UL operations manager
  • Bruce Bohren, UL primary designated engineer

Day 2

  • Taylor Reed, SASB sector analyst consumer goods
  • Bruce Calder, Claigan Environmental vice president, consulting services 
  • Chris Ashworth, UL senior sales manager 
  • Kevin Sneed, OTJ Architects 
  • Brian Truelove, UL laboratory manager 
  • Maria José Arrebola Monteagudo, UL environmental project handler

Welcome note from Mike O’Hara, UL general manager and director, Global Furniture 

Mike O’Hara explains the goals for the summit and key takeaways.

Program agenda – Day 1

UL I BIFMA Standard Updates  

Learn about the new UL 2999 Standard for individual commercial furnishings and get an overview on BIFMA standards and BIFMA Compliant Program with this presentation by experts from UL and BIFMA.

Bruce Bohren, UL I Dave Panning, BIFM

Electrical motorized furniture – Harmonized standardization in Europe

Motor operated furnishings are regulated by the international standard IEC 60335. Get a high level introduction to the subject and download an introductory presentation to it.

Dragan Macura, Linak I Tomas Ekström, ISO

Standard harmonization panel discussion

Watch an engaging discussion among keynote speakers and industry experts about the current status and potential future state around standard harmonization.

Bruce Bohren, UL I Dave Panning, BIFMA

Dragan Macura, Linak

Tomas Ekström, ISO I Mike O'Hara, UL (moderator)

EN1335-1: 2020 — Office furniture. Office work chair. Dimensions. Determination of dimensions

In Europe, the requirements for dimensions of office work chairs are defined by the standard EN 1335-1. This standard has recently been updated to EN 1335-1:2020. Find out what has changed, and how those changes will affect you moving forward. Download the presentation.

Matteo Longoni, UL I Marco Fossi, Federlegno 

Program agenda – Day 2

Post-pandemic workplaces panel discussion

Watch an inspirational discussion among keynote speakers and industry experts as they share insights around re-considering workplaces during a pandemic.

Brian Truelove, UL

Chris Ashworth, UL

Kevin Sneed, OTJ

Mike O'Hara, UL (moderator)

Furniture – Transition to sustainable value chains

While the furniture industry is getting into the mindset of sustainability, there are still some level of uncertainity and lack of knowledge on what to do. Learn what some of the paths to sustainability and download an insighful presentation.

Maria José Arrebola Monteagudo, UL

How investor sustainability requirements will affect the furniture industry

This presentation from SASB is a introduction on how SASB standard requirements help connect businesses and investors on the financial impacts of sustainability. Download the full presentation to learn more.

Taylor Reed, SASB

Chemical compliance versus hazards

Chemical compliance today is the SCIP database. Is the industry ready? Are you ready? Get the opportunity for an overview of the SCIP database, what is required to be compliant and download an introductory presentation to the subject.

Bruce Calder, Claigan



Additional resources

Download Q&A – We were able to capture questions and answers over the two days of the summit.

Session recordings – If you are interested in accessing any of the summit session recordings or would like to speak with one of our experts, please contact us.


Questions and answers from the 2020 Furniture Industry Summit

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