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USGBC Releases LEED v4.1 Credits, Simplifying and Improving Credit Language

November 15, 2018

There is exciting news for LEED practitioners and manufacturers of sustainable products.  Some of the highly anticipated LEED v4.1 Building Design & Construction and Interior Design & Construction credits have been released!  These revised credits simplify and improve credit language and make compliance pathways easier to understand. Below is an overview of the new language and how UL certified products can contribute to the achievement of the credits, and links to the credit language.

LEED v4.1 BD&C/ID&C:

  1. Energy & Atmosphere- Renewable Energy: UL 2854 Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) can be used to contribute to points in this new credit. Purchasing 150% of building energy in UL 2854 RECs will result in 1 point:
  2. Environmental Quality- Low-Emitting Materials credit: the language is simplified from v4 so that gaining points is based on product categories; new product categories are recognized including trim, doors, frames, windows. Also, window treatments will be recognized in wall panels, and glazed skylights will be recognized in ceilings. GREENGUARD Gold can help products meet this criteria:
  3. Environmental Quality- Indoor Air Quality Assessment: indoor air testing and compliance is much more focused on chemicals that are actually found in the indoor environment and GREENGUARD Gold aligns very well with the requirements

LEED v4.1 O&M (released earlier in 2018):

  1. Environmental Quality- Green Cleaning Policy Prerequisite ( Green Cleaning products, such as ECOLOGO Certified products, must be used
  2. Environmental Quality- Green Cleaning Credit ( Green Cleaning products, such as ECOLOGO Certified products can be used
  3. Environmental Quality- Materials & Resources Purchasing Credit ( products with UL Product Lens, EPDs, GREENGUARD Gold, EPD Optimization, and UL 2799 (UL’s Zero Waste program) can be used to help buildings material show compliance; GREENGUARD Gold can also help furniture show compliance.

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