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Introducing SafeCyber

UL's new security and compliance life cycle management platform for connected devices.

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A complimentary solution within the SafeCyberTM suite


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Maturity Path

Secure development life
cycle maturity assessment

Build sustainable product security governance and processes

SafeCyberTM’s Maturity Path solution provides a security development life cycle maturity assessment for connected products to help companies achieve consistent security across governance and processes throughout product lines. With this holistic overview and analysis, companies can better manage risks and minimize vulnerabilities.

Key benefits

  • Learn your security governance and processes standing for all your product lines in one integrated digital solution.
  • Experience an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface.
  • Self-register and run a complimentary self-assessment or ask for one of UL evaluators to conduct a certified assessment.
  • Achieve clarity on where you stand and what you can improve on.
  • Collaborate with your team and/or interact with your assigned UL evaluator directly through the solution.
  • Obtain a certification readiness score on leading industry-specific standards for Industry 4.0, healthcare, automotive and consumer electronics devices.
  • Communicate your security maturity level easily to internal and external stakeholders.

Who can benefit from Maturity Path?

Maturity Path is for product security and development teams at device manufacturers, suppliers or system integrators, developing connected products and looking to assess their secure development life cycle governance and processes against a robust framework, considering industry-specific standards.

Explore our complimentary self-assessment tool for product maturity level

Sign up for a complimentary Maturity Path account. Assess the maturity of your product security program and set the right direction for security governance and processes.

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