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Deanna Culley sews

UL Employees Sew Face Coverings to Help Keep Local Communities Safe

The rapid spread of COVID-19 quickly made wearing face coverings our ‘new normal’. Several UL employees dusted off sewing machines to make cloth face coverings for family, friends and their local communities. Click on the link below to learn more about how UL is keeping our communities safer.

Linda Chapin

Welcome Linda Chapin!

We are excited to welcome Linda Chapin to UL as the new chief human resources officer (CHRO). Chapin will focus on a 360-degree employee experience, which is built around the company’s mission to create a safer world. “I believe that empowering trust is the most important thing we can do for one another and I am honored to work for a company that is passionate about trust," said Chapin, senior vice president and chief human resources officer at UL. Click on the link below to see the full press release!

thumbnail image of short video about how to take action at home for Earth Day

Earth Day 2020

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, UL invites you to take action from home by using these energy-saving tips to reduce emissions. You can still make a positive impact while staying safe at home. 

Coronavirus Covid19

An important message from Jennifer Scanlon, UL President and CEO

"Safety is the heart of our mission and drives every decision we make. While the evolving coronavirus situation has presented new challenges, UL is well-prepared to continue to respond,” - Jennifer Scanlon, UL President and CEO. Click on the link below to read Jenny's full statement.

Dennis Anderson

UL Fenestration Lab expert Dennis Anderson discusses thermal efficiency

UL has a 63,000 square foot fenestration laboratory located in Northbrook, IL that features a thermal chamber approximately 6700 cubic feet in size. The chamber has fans that create wind speeds up to 33mph and can be chilled down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows us to measure the rate of heat loss for windows and doors. Click the link below to learn more about expert Dennis Anderson's role in testing for thermal efficiency.



The exterior of a building shown from slightly overhead (video thumbnail)

Explore UL's 2019 Sustainability Report

I don’t believe there could be a higher purpose than endeavoring to make the world a safer, more secure and sustainable place. In fact, our mission feels more alive and important today than ever before,” says UL’s CEO and President, Jennifer Scanlon. UL has published our first sustainability report as a call to progress a self-sustaining world. Explore it at the link:

Engineers build a Wind Turbine

Goldwind Builds North America's Tallest Wind Turbine

With over 500 experts, UL has worked on over 200,000 wind projects in more than 140 countries around the world. Last year, UL helped Goldwind, a wind turbine manufacturer, navigate various challenges including global supply chain complexities to build North America's tallest wind turbine. Click on the link below to learn how UL helped Goldwind build the tallest North American wind turbine yet!


panasonic sign

Electronic Certification Program for the Electric Bicycle System

E-mobility innovations have multiplied in the past decade. UL has launched a new voluntary safety certification program for electric bicycle system. Panasonic became the first organization to certify to UL 2849. Click on the link below to learn more about a new safety certification program for the electric bicycle system. 

Wire and Cable Certification Services

Stay on top of wire and cable regulations

Are your wires and cables certified by UL? Take an inside look at how we test wires and cable to make sure they meet international, national and regional regulations. Click on the link below and learn how UL helps you stay on top of cabling and wire regulations here! 

Ul's Chemical & Audit Services

UL's Household Chemical Testing and Audit Services

UL’s household chemical testing and audit services help assure manufacturers and consumers that tested and certified cleaning products are safe. As a leading resource for household chemical products testing, UL offers quality assurance programs that help retailers and manufacturers boost confidence in the quality, safety, performance, and marketing claims of their detergents, scrubs, disinfectants, polishes, waxes, and wipes, as well as specialized and all-purpose cleansers. Click on the link below to learn more about how our household chemical testing and audit services can help certify that your products are safe.

Young girl exploring a large white connected device

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expanding its reach into more of our lives through the connectivity and interoperability of our devices and appliances. With this connectivity comes convenience and power. Read more and learn how UL helps keep smartphones smart while in the car by clicking the link below. 

Welcome Jenny!

Welcome Jenny Scanlon!

Scanlon, the new CEO and president of UL, is the first woman to serve in this capacity. “It is an honor to be joining UL as technological advances continue to drive dramatic changes in UL’s clients’ operations,” said Jenny. Read more and learn about Jenny by clicking the link below! 


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