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Safer household cleaning and disinfection

Mixing household cleaners can be dangerous. Find out how to use them safely and which disinfectants to use to help fight COVID-19.

Sanitizing and household cleaning products

Safely sanitize your space

Sanitary conditions and hygiene is critical in all areas - commercial, retail and residential alike. Yet, with the desire to sanitize our homes and workspaces comes risk. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 39% of adults have misused cleaning products when trying to combat COVID-19 and one quarter reported: “an adverse health effect that they believed was a result” of the products. 

Your well-being is fundamental to UL’s mission: working for a safer world. Our chemical experts have compiled the information below to help raise awareness about what household cleaners should never be mixed, which cleaning products can fight COVID-19, and some tips for safer use of cleaners and disinfectants. 

Safer household cleaning and disinfection infographic


Person using hand sanitizer

Sanitizers, Disinfectants and Other Chemical Products

Regulatory guidance, alternate material support, testing and verification to meet market demand for hand sanitizers, cleaning wipes or disinfecting products.

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