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UL Solutions offers a wide range of compliance and sustainability software products for organizations of all sizes across multiple industries. The majority of UL products are cloud-based or on-site Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. We also offer content modules and plug-ins to enterprise platforms.

Our products are designed to coordinate with companion offerings in nine distinct capability suites, and also integrate with clients’ internal systems. This configurability helps clients achieve innovative performance, market access and sales growth while reducing supply chain and reputational risk.

Product design, compliance and regulatory insights

Bringing a new product to market involves several crucial steps, including rigorous research and development, a thorough understanding of the regulatory landscape in which your product will be commercialized, plus effective tools to support ongoing compliance to applicable requirements.

When companies evaluate the viability of new product commercialization, they must understand the regulatory requirements in their target markets both from a geographical and an industry procurement perspective. Our regulatory insights products outline key considerations such as submission requirements, necessary certifications and any pertinent chemical and ingredient handling rules. We can also provide virtual tools allowing clients to experiment with sourcing alternatives and product claims to predict likely regulatory pathways in their target markets.

In addition, bringing a new product to market can also go much smoother when design efforts occur during the Research and Development phase of the product life cycle. We offer software to help you assess any potential usability, cybersecurity, interoperability or related needs, and to take any appropriate actions based on those assessments. Using our software, you can also specify components and materials that conform to regional and product type-related regulations as well as procurement requirements. Once your product is on market, we can help you keep it there by alerting you to any compliance and regulatory changes warranting attention.

As more and more products incorporate Internet-connected technologies and features, safeguarding and securing your product’s information is crucial. Our cybersecurity risk management and assessment software help you understand possible threats as well as pertinent best practices and preventative measures. Furthermore, our software and digital tools empower users including manufacturers and financial services companies to proactively assess their baseline and iterative cyber vulnerabilities, and from there identify appropriate corrective or strengthening actions.

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Supply chain transparency

Understanding possible transportation, handling, storage and disposal obligations of unique finished goods is important to retailers and distributors as they make procurement and operational decisions. Likewise, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and integrators need sustainability information about the components and materials they incorporate with respect to both performance and Scope 3 emissions reporting. UL Solutions has software products designed to protect brand reputation and provide often hard-to-collect insights throughout the full supply chain, building awareness of various conformity expectations among suppliers and buyers and Empowering Trust®.

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Occupational health management

As the world becomes increasingly more concerned about leaving behind a cleaner, brighter future for future generations, corporate citizenship is becoming a more significant driver of business investment and operational performance improvements. Companies are now actively assessing baseline environmental, social and governance (ESG) measurements and setting goals with respective implementation plans to realize them. Wherever you are on your reporting journey we have a solution that can align to your business.

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Environmental health and safety

Employees are many companies’ greatest assets. Employees deserve a safe environment, quality training and continual access to occupational health programs. Our Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software helps protect employees, providing ongoing workplace safety education and helping administrators manage incidents, comply with changing regulations and minimize the risk of incidents occurring in the first place.

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Learning management

As a global leader in safety science, UL Solutions has partnerships with many other safety authorities who co-develop our trusted learning content with us including the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Healthcare and Life Sciences training and the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for workplace safety. Our digital learning packages are available as both portable content modules and as powerful, secure and compliant LMS platforms to deliver and track utilization of learning management content. Customizable solutions are available upon request.

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Renewable energy

UL Solutions provides software solutions for renewable energy to help clients boost efficiency and effectiveness. Our renewable energy software tools may be used as-is or together with input from UL Solutions' team of 500 wind and solar energy advisory experts. We have worked on more than 30,000 megawatts of renewable energy projects in more than 140 countries.

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Computer and hardware performance benchmarking

Processing and image-rendering speed as well as overall uptime reliability make a big difference in the way consumers are able to enjoy rich content, and in how employees are able to perform their tasks. Our Benchmarks products are designed to yield impartial comparative analytics to inform computer and other hardware selection decisions.

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