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The insides of various cables and wires.
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CableBuilder – Cable Design Software

Designed for the wire and cable manufacturing industry to support Industry 4.0 advancements, maximize plant production, improve product quality, and manage inventory and on-time delivery.

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CableBuilder Enterprise and CableBuilder Go

These cable design software programs are available in two applications to assist with made-to-order cable projects of any size.

CableBuilder Enterprise and CableBuilder Go are designed to simplify the complex management of cable design.

The software enables significant productivity gains by efficiently handling product data, enhancing continuity and data integrity throughout the cable lifecycle.

CableBuilder Enterprise enables you to seamlessly manage product data through design, cost, quotation, ordering, quality assurance and ERP integration workflow milestones.

CableBuilder logo.


CableBuilder Enterprise is a custom cable builder software program for larger single or multi-site manufacturers. In addition to the Design Module, it offers many optional features, including integration into an ERP system and/or an MES.

CableBuilder Go is ideal for single-site smaller manufacturers where the need for add-ons such as integration into ERP and/or MES is not required.

Cable types

CableBuilder Enterprise and CableBuilder Go enable manufacturers to design, cost and quote wire and cables of all types, including:

  • Low voltage and Medium voltage
  • Overhead and high voltage
  • Control and industrial
  • Instrumentation and telecommunication
  • LAN and telephone
  • Tight buffer and loose tube OFC
  • Subsea umbilical cables
  • Fiber optic
  • Plus many more

Design module

The Design Module is a feature-rich application that allows you to reduce design time and produce professional drawings, datasheets and catalogs. It provides insights that help users identify opportunities to reduce scrap and rework, and it is suited to every type of cable.

CableBuilder Enterprise

CableBuilder Enterprise is fully configurable by the customer, allowing the creation of the physical design of any cable in a single or multi-plant environment. Design change history and version control add another key benefit along with the automatic generation of bill of material (BOM) and routings.

Material and manufacturing costs are calculated at the push of a button, and bespoke datasheets with drawings can be generated against single or multiple designs.

CableBuilder Go

The Design Module in CableBuilder Go is a feature-rich application that allows you to reduce design time, produce 2D drawings and datasheets, and identify scrap usage.

CableBuilder Go’s Design Module is an out-of-the-box offering that provides preconfigured processes and rules for a variety of cable types.

Any cable type not existing as standard will be set up before implementation at your factory. Slight customizations to the logic — as required by individual customers — may be considered.

Quotations module

CableBuilder Enterprise

The Quotations Module can be customized to individual customer needs, allowing users to produce quick and accurate quotations.

Customizable quotation terms and conditions to suit individual needs are featured, and configurable database fields can be synced with other systems. User groups can determine workflows and approvals and work with intelligent quotations and packing/drum costings based on cable parameters.

The Quotations Module allows consideration of specific materials or conditions, for example, strategic metals, packaging, etc.

CableBuilder Go

The Quotations Module is an out-of-the-box offering providing preconfigured quotation outputs based on defined inputs.

Slight customizations to the logic — as required by individual customers — may be considered.

Manufacturing Simulation Module

CableBuilder Enterprise

Designed to simulate production orders, the Manufacturing Simulation Module models the real world through user-configurable machine and production rules. Once the rules are defined, production costs and capabilities can be simulated.

The Manufacturing Simulation Module optimizes inter-process spools to help reduce scrap and setup times. The accurate manufacturing instructions specific to every order to reduce under/over length occurrences is a key benefit, along with a length-based production order generator that can integrate into any ERP system.

CableBuilder Go

The Manufacturing Simulation Module is not available.

Quality Assurance Module

CableBuilder Enterprise

The Quality Assurance (QA) Module helps you identify and rectify quality issues that would otherwise significantly impact reputation and profits.

Fully configurable by the customer, the QA Module order change history and version control features offer a key benefit.

Providing a single repository for all quality checks with a complete audit trail, the QA Module systematically tracks and audits production quality, manages non-conformance and generates test certification.

CableBuilder Go

The Quality Assurance Module is not available.

CableBuilder 3D image example.

3D Module

CableBuilder Enterprise offers an in-browser functionality to create professional 3D images for use in reports, datasheets and catalogs.

  • Browser-based with no additional need for software
  • Fast loading and high performance
  • 3D Gallery and 3D Drawing buttons available from the design overview screen
  • Fast exporting and downloading of images

CableBuilder Go

The 3D Module is not available.

CableBuilder Go

Key software features

  • Cable design for all types of cable, wire, and tube*
  • Bill of material (BOM) generation
  • Multi-level design structure
  • Support for flat BOM (partial)
  • Routing generation
  • Datasheet generation
  • Data export to Excel
  • Accurate material and production cost calculations
  • Cross-section 2D drawings
  • Factory work instructions
  • Optional modules
    • Quotations
  • Workflow and approval for all Modules
  • Full version control and traceability through Design and Quotation Modules
  • Cloud-hosted

*Some specialized cables may require setup before implementation.

CableBuilder Enterprise

Key features

  • Suitable for multi-plant companies
  • Fully configurable by the customer
    • Plants
    • Standards (product type)
    • Processes
    • Resources
    • Formula
    • And more
  • Cable design for all types of cable, wire and tube
  • Bill of material (BOM) generation
  • Single or multi-level design structure
  • Manual or automatic machine routing and machine parameter selection
  • Alternative machines per operation
  • Complex bespoke datasheet/brochure generation
  • Mass update of attributes
  • Mass updates: raw materials, sub-assemblies, machines, etc., with a roll-back option.
  • Cross section 2D/3D drawings
  • Factory works instructions
  • Data export to Excel
  • Bespoke ERP integration
  • Optional modules
    • Quotations
    • QA
    • Manufacturing
    • Design Wizards
    • Integration into third-party systems
  • Workflow and approval for all modules
  • Full version control and traceability through all modules
  • Read-only licenses are available for management to view designs, quotations, routings and BOM

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