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All-in-One System to Design, Quote and Manufacture Cables

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the CableBuilder Enterprise, which offers cable design, quotation and manufacturing tools in one complete system.

Coil of copper wire for welding tools and other industrial applications.

Watch now: All-in-one system to design, quote and manufacture cables

UL Solutions’ on-demand webinar shows how CableBuilder Enterprise can help companies increase productivity, reduce human error and effectively manage materials.


Hamada Khalifa, sales executive, Software, Engineered Materials
Chris Huntly, product manager, Engineered Materials


UL Solutions’ on-demand webinar showcases CableBuilder Enterprise, a comprehensive system for designing, quoting and manufacturing cables.

Watch our webinar to discover the system’s many benefits, including how CableBuilder Enterprise helps increase wire and cable manufacturers’ productivity and profitability.

The on-demand webinar covers the following topics:
  • Part 1 – Overview of CableBuilder
  • Part 2 – CableBuilder demo
  • Part 3 – Q&A

Part 1 – Overview of CableBuilder, presented by Hamada Khalifa

00:00:31– Introducing our presenter, Hamada Khalifa
00:00:58 – Introduction to Cimteq and CableBuilder
00:02:14 – Our customers
00:03:07 – The complete cycle
00:07:19 – Impact on business
00:10:46 – What can you do with CableBuilder?
00:14:16 – What cable types can CableBuilder create?
00:14:55 – The smart cable factory
00:17:20 – Introduction to CableBuilder

Part 2 – CableBuilder demo, including quotation and manufacturing modules, presented by Chris Huntly

00:27:13 – Introducing our presenter, Chris Huntly
00:27:46 – Introduction to quotation module and manufacturing module
00:28:26 – Quotation module demo
00:47:49 – Manufacturing module demo

Part 3 – Q&A

00:52:25 – Q&A
00:52:28 – Does the manufacturing module consider machine capabilities?
00:53:28 – How does the manufacturing module calculate the costs, and how does it differ from the design module cost calculation?
00:54:13 – Will the manufacturing module tell me the time required to manufacture the cable from scratch to completion?
00:54:48 – Does CableBuilder allow version control?
00:56:34 – How much of the design system can be automated?
00:57:24 – Does CableBuilder come with predefined processes?
00:59:02 – What reports are available in CableBuilder?
00:59:43 – Can UL Solutions and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements, e.g., thickness, be added to design criteria and be checked automatically?
01:01:19 – In CableBuilder, can you update the scrap rate for a large group of products all at once?
01:02:44 – Will CableBuilder calculate impedance when required?
01:04:46 – Can you show an example of the production paperwork generated for a twisting step?
01:08:14 – Can CableBuilder calculate the maximum length of a cable that can fit on a specified size spool?
01:10:29 – How are raw material costs entered and updated for costing?
01:11:02 – Does CableBuilder model different cores with different diameters and arrange them in a circle?
01:11:51 – Does CableBuilder model coiled or helix cables as three-dimensional models?
01:12:06 – How can we train to use CableBuilder if we have no specialist who can work with the program?
01:13:11 – How can we create our sales/production forecast in CableBuilder?
01:13:45 – Is it possible for the quotation module to work with data from other cable design software products?
01:16:01 – What report engine does CableBuilder use?
01:16:32 – Can I create my quotation based on specific London Metal Exchange (LME) prices?
01:17:04 – How can a graph be created in the technical data sheet in the quotation module?
01:17:50 – Are CableBuilder and its modules suitable to design and manufacture continuously transposed cable (CTC) and pre-stressed concrete wire (PCW) bundles?
01:18:34 – What is the difference between CableBuilder Go and CableBuilder Enterprise?
01:19:22 – How does the system calculate the manufacturing cost if the plant has the same machine process but different operation costs? Can the system specify the running machine?
01:21:00 – Does CableBuilder allow you to create copies of existing designs in the system?


About the presenters

Hamada Khalifa, sales executive, Software, Engineered Materials

Formerly the head of projects at Nexans, Hamada Khalifa has transitioned from valued customer to respected colleague at UL Solutions, bringing with him direct knowledge of CableBuilder and CableMES products from a customer’s perspective.

Khalifa helped Nexans plants around the world complete their CableBuilder Enterprise implementation projects. He leverages this experience to promote the product, showcase what it can help customers achieve and support customers throughout their implementation journey.

Chris Huntly, product manager, Engineered Materials

Chris Huntly has nearly 30 years of experience in the cable manufacturing industry. He is responsible for defining and managing the roadmap of both CableBuilder and CableMES.


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