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CableBuilder Implementation

A robust customer journey involves specialists working closely with the customer to facilitate a streamlined handover, including on-site scoping workshops, system setup and training.


The benefits of working with UL Solutions don’t end after purchasing our cable design software, CableBuilder.

A robust customer journey continues as specialist UL Solutions teams work closely with the customer to facilitate a streamlined handover, including on-site scoping workshops, system setup and integration, and training.

We help customers:

  • Install and configure the application.
  • Train users.
  • Train IT staff to maintain and enhance the applications.
  • Customize the applications to the customer’s requirements (if necessary).
  • Support the business during and after the implementation period.


The implementation process has several phases, including:

Scoping workshop

A UL Solutions implementation consultant will visit the customer’s site to analyze their requirements. Together, they will examine current working practices and process flows, define customer expectations and determine go-live deliverables.

System setup

All required software will be installed and set up on the customer server in readiness for training.

Base data templates are uploaded, server configurations are carried and and CableBuilder software is installed. This stage is concluded with virtual private network (VPN) connectivity.

Finally, we migrate existing data from historical systems, spreadsheets and other sources.

Basic training workshop

This on-site workshop will train superusers in using and maintaining CableBuilder and allow the customer to begin inputting product family design rules into CableBuilder.

Training will cover:

  • Introduction to the software
  • Functionality of CableBuilder (search function, etc.)
  • Creating designs
  • Key features and functions
  • Creating standards and process attributes
  • Formula basics
  • Building a real-life design from raw materials up
  • Set up formulas and attributes in real-life designs
  • Editing designs and formulas
  • Broader operational alignment

Customer setup

Customers apply the fundamentals of what they learned in the basic training workshop to set up the design and quotation rules specific to their product range.


Systems integration is often a time-consuming and complex process. At UL Solutions, the first step in this process is to work with our customers to determine the necessary integration level. We do this by making sure we thoroughly understand our customers’ business needs and their current use of information systems. We then recommend a technical approach and carry it through to implementation. Our ability to do this work comes from our decades of experience in the field and our extensive systems integration tools.

The approaches we recommend are practical and cost-effective. We always aim to maximize existing systems’ benefits — and protect our customers’ future investment in new ones — by striving for reliability and scalability.

Development and customization

We have designed and built CableBuilder so our customers can easily change and expand the system. We recognize that although the overall needs of the industry are similar, there are always differences due to working practices, market profile and culture.

Customers can customize our products at different levels — for example, you may want to change the screen layout to match your working practices. You can achieve this customization type by engaging the UL Solutions team or the company’s staff after completing our customization training course.


UL Solutions runs training courses to help our customers implement and use CableBuilder Enterprise and CableBuilder Go while maximizing investment return.

A key aspect of our training is the flexibility to integrate each customer’s specific needs and priorities, which is our key consideration when planning our training sessions.


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