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Scrap Reduction and Material Management

Our on-demand webinar explores how using CableMES software can support effective scrap reduction and material management.

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Watch now: Scrap reduction and material management

UL Solutions’ on-demand webinar shows how using CableMES software can support effective scrap reduction and material management.


Bill Pearson, wire and cable industry expert and managing director of Pearson Management Consultants (U.K.)
Amanda Shehab, specialist industry consultant
Hamada Khalifa, sales executive, Software, Engineered Materials


Waste and scrap are costly in wire and cable production, especially when manufacturers do not identify a nonconformance issue until it’s too late.

If you work in wire and cable manufacturing and are looking to reduce scrap and execute effective material management processes, watch UL Solutions’ on-demand webinar.

Part 1 – Presented by Bill Pearson, wire and cable industry expert and managing director of Pearson Management Consultants (U.K.)

00:01:06 – Examples of material waste and scrap and over-usage
00:05:52 – Impact of production style for high-volume, repetitive manufacture of commodity designs and low-volume manufacture of custom designs
00:09:34 – Good material management requires control of production and production processes
00:13:25 – Some basic critical success factors, including minimizing over-usage and scrap

Part 2 – Presented by Amanda Shehab, specialist industry consultant

00:17:49 – Cimteq software: CableBuilder and CableMES
00:20:45 – What does the complete software look like? CableBuilder, CableMES, enterprise resource planning (ERP), warehouse management system (WMS), system platform, AVEVA Wonderware and PLC
00:24:02 – The four pillars of manufacturing execution systems (MES) for wire and cable: Order execution, production performance, product quality and material management
00:28:11 – Scrap reduction: CableMES, minimizing bad product, actual scraps and leftover raw material scrap
00:29:49 – Material management, optimized order execution, reduced material usage and work-in-progress (WIP) costs, and built-in traceability

Part 3 – Presented by Hamada Khalifa, sales executive, Software, Engineered Materials

00:32:03 – Scrap types and levels: Out-of-specification scrap, start-up and shut-down scrap, noncompliant semi-finished goods (SMF) and finished goods (FG), leftovers and testing scrap
00:36:05 – Data flow chart
00:39:37 – CableMES control: Two example orders in CableMES
00:41:33 – Some examples of material waste and the five-stage process of tracking material usage using CableMES
00:44:15 – Quality vs. performance vs. availability

Part 4 – Q&A – presented by Bill Pearson, Amanda Shehab and Hamada Khalifa

00:46:37 – How can CableMES stop the wrong materials from being used?
00:47:50 – How will the system know if a product is being manufactured out of tolerance?
00:49:00 – How does CableMES report back to ERP?
00:50:23 – Have you implemented the full system at a Nexans site that uses SAP as ERP?
00:51:11 – Can you show us actual tracking of material?
00:52:10 – How are these measurements collected — by manual entry or by devices?
00:53:01 – How long does it take to implement this integrated system?
00:56:01 – Can you add quality assurance (QA)/quality control (QC), or do you need an extra platform to do this?
00:57:13 – Does the accuracy of the system fully depend on the accuracy of data entry?
00:59:44 – Can CableMES manage scrap produced as an inventoried part number?
01:01:15 – Do you include cable reels within material management?
01:01:38 – Can CableMES be connected to auxiliary test equipment?
01:02:44 – Can you configure CableMES so that material management is done in ERP?
01:04:03 – How do programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and machines provide the correct feedback?
01:05:33 – How will the system understand and reflect the balance of material in each process?
01:07:05 – What is the recommended platform to integrate with CableMES?
01:07:47 – How much is the system affected by human error?
01:09:22 – How do you control the copper batches and barcode batches through the wire-drawing process?
01:10:51 – Can you report for scrap percentage per order?
01:11:31 – What support will CableMES provide for planning?
01:13:29 – In order to reduce the WIP, does CableMES run a value stream mapping algorithm to minimize bottlenecks?
01:14:20 – What do losses in availability mean?
01:15:48 – How would you handle two different bulk batches used one after the other for extrusion?
01:17:40 – What should be the standard scrap percentage for a plant having all types of products in its portfolio and manufacturing 200+ designs in a month with 22K Cable KM?

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