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CableBuilder and CableMES Design Control

Watch the UL Solutions on-demand webinar to learn how CableBuilder and CableMES can help verify and validate designs and outputs in the cable design process.

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Watch now: CableBuilder and CableMES design control

Our on-demand webinar shows how CableBuilder and CableMES can help companies with design verification, design validation, design change and version control.


Chris Huntly, product manager, Engineered Materials
Daniel Sanderson, product owner, Engineered Materials


UL Solutions’ on-demand webinar showcases how CableBuilder and CableMES can help cable and wire manufactures verify and validate designs and outputs throughout the cable design process.

The on-demand webinar covers the following topics:
  • Part 1 – High-level overview of CableBuilder and how it can support your design control
  • Part 2 – How CableMES can support design control
  • Part 3 – Q&A

Part 1 – High-level overview of CableBuilder and how it can support your design control, presented by Chris Huntly

01:22 – What we mean by “design control”
02:00 – Typical elements in design control: Input, output, specification and validation
02:59 – CableBuilder modules
04:48 – Key features of CableBuilder
07:44 – Example of a multi-plant environment setup
08:47 – How CableBuilder can help with the design control process: Documentation and retention of records
10:40 – CableBuilder demonstration
13:46 – Avoiding human error
18:07 – CableBuilder demonstration
23:08 – User control
26:32 – Design verification against specification
28:07 – CableBuilder demonstration
32:38 – Design validation
34:10 – Design change and version control
35:03 – CableBuilder demonstration

Part 2 – How CableMES can support design control, presented by Daniel Sanderson

39:36 – Design validation in CableMES
39:45 – Meeting the required specifications
40:21 – Customization
40:29 – Attributes imported from CableBuilder into CableMES
40:40 – Quality parameters, alarms and quarantined reels
41:56 – CableMES demonstration
43:30 – CableMES key features

Part 3 – Q&A, presented by Chris Huntly and Daniel Sanderson

44:50 – Can CableBuilder determine the diameter under the jacket and the cable outer diameter (OD)?
45:38 – Is CableBuilder able to see the breakdown of all components within the design of a product? If enterprise resource planning (ERP) only has a single-layer bill of materials (BOM), how does CableBuilder give ERP the information to create all the BOM layers?
46:58 – Can you record duplicate test measurements on the same reel in CableMES?
47:23 – Can CableMES capture tests from extrusion machines?
47:41 – Is there a limit to the number of documents that can be added to a design in CableBuilder?
47:59 – How do you distinguish between industrialized and trial designs in CableBuilder?
49:20 – Can CableMES detect under-lengths manufactured?
49:54 – Can CableMES combine multiple orders?
50:27 – How long does CableMES keep test records?
51:05 – Can CableBuilder generate a smart part number based on wire specification, metal type, insulations and other characteristics of the wire so that the cable part numbers are all in a similar structure for quick understanding?
52:02 – How does CableBuilder manage the design of data cables where the thickness insulations depend on final impedance and different pair lay lengths?
53:07 – Is there a native connector between Sage X3 Version 11 and CableBuilder?

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