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Regulation Insights

Understand key chemical regulations and compliance information affecting your products

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Regulatory information at your fingertips

Navigator® Regulation Insights connects you with up-to-date chemical compliance information covering more than 50 countries worldwide. But this platform does more than merely inform — it transforms complex regulations into easy-to-understand summaries created by regulatory experts that break down intricate regulations into actionable insights and provide direct access to the source documents for easy reference.

Enjoy easy access to chemical industry insights

When you’re doing business in countries around the world, you need to make sure that you’re satisfying disparate market requirements and understanding new and existing chemical regulations. However, not all jurisdictions make it easy to get accurate information to guide your business and compliance activities. Navigator Regulation Insights helps you save time and provides accurate information with summaries of relevant regulations in plain language compiled by regulatory specialists. No jargon, no confusion and all in one location.

As part of ULTRUS™ software from UL Solutions, Navigator Regulation Insights helps customers gain a better understanding of regulatory impacts, reduce research time and boost market access.

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Comprehensive chemical-specific content

Navigator Regulation Insights is an invaluable reference resource for anyone working in the chemical regulatory environment and helps put the content of our sophisticated ChemADVISOR® Regulatory Database into context.

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Simplified explanations of complex regulations

Chemical regulations can be perplexing to interpret accurately, but Navigator Regulation Insights features digestible explanations, with links to actual regulations and additional helpful resources. 

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Provided by UL Solutions experts

Trust our team of regulatory specialists to track and monitor regulations around the world on an ongoing basis. Their work results in insights to better inform your activities.



What you can expect from Navigator

This easy-to-use interface quickly connects you with critical regulatory information when you need them most.

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Information-rich and useful

Includes inventory, registration and notification requirements, as well as use or import restrictions and transportation guidelines.

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Accessible and collaborative

View regulations by region and category in an intuitive interface.

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Chemical industry insights

Updated constantly with the latest regulatory schemes and previews of drafts and amendments, so you can see what’s on the horizon and respond proactively.

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Quick-hit summaries

Get the most important regulatory information in these easy-to-read summaries.



Want to stay current with chemical regulatory requirements quickly and easily?

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