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Reoccupancy Services for Fire, Life Safety and Security Systems

We can help building owners and managers protect building occupants with a comprehensive reoccupancy plan.

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When social distancing and stay-at-home orders are relaxed, people who visit your building will need to feel safe in doing so. Public confidence in building safety is integral to successfully returning to normal. Having a plan to respond to these types of disruptions allows you to be confident your building is safe for occupants. Verified safety plans and third-party testing and inspections are two ways to reassure your facilities are safe for employees and guests. 

UL Solutions is well positioned to help you respond to pandemic outbreaks that impact your building through our expertise in fire, life safety and security system inspections. Building reoccupancy testing and inspection services and UL Solutions' Certificate of Inspection for fire, life safety and security systems can help you reopen when pandemic outbreaks impact your building. A Certificate of Inspection from UL Solutions will demonstrate your commitment to having a safe and healthy building for your occupants and the community.

Building Reoccupancy Indoor Environmental Quality Inspections

Prepare your building for reoccupation after a period of limited use with safety inspections and air and water quality testing.

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Reoccupancy testing inspections and UL Solutions' Certificate of Inspection

UL Solutions' building inspection services buildings provide confirmation that fire, life safety and security systems will operate as designed. We utilize a detailed, rigorous inspection process that results in an objective reporting of compliance gaps that can be used to make informed decisions about improvements needed to achieve code compliance.

Benefits of UL Solutions' reoccupancy testing inspections

While some building owners conduct self-assessments and use outside contractors for critical safety equipment inspections of their buildings, a UL Solutions building inspection delivers added benefits:

  • Provides peace of mind that operations and systems have been rigorously and objectively inspected by third party experts 
  • Demonstrates the organization’s increased commitment to the health and safety of guests, staff, insurers, local authorities and the general public
  • Validates the effectiveness of current efforts while recommending improvements to achieve and sustain regulatory compliance
  • Assists the organization with developing action plans and prioritizing items accordingly. Provides a thorough inspection report that can reduce the time authorities spend conducting periodic inspections
  • Collaborates with system maintenance staff to help ensure accurate direction of system service needs and review of the outside contractor’s performance to required service needs

After successful completion of a building inspection, your facility will receive a Certificate of Inspection. This demonstrates your collaboration with a trusted brand in safety and is a clear commitment that your buildings are healthy and safe.


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