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PCB Compliance and Regulatory Safety Testing

Our printed circuit board (PCB) Recognition program showcases that your products have been tested and certified to the highest set of industry standards for performance and reliability.

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The role of printed circuit board safety

PCBs are key components of any electronic product. Any error in the design or assembly of the PCB can lead to product failure.

Electrical engineers are under increasing pressure to design smaller, flexible and more efficient PCBs to meet consumer demand for wearables, smartphones, 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

That type of pressure, coupled with stringent go-to-market deadlines, can lead to errors in design, easily damaging your product’s reputation. Fortunately, we can help you mitigate the risk of that happening.

We have been advancing safety science in support of PCB conformance assessments for more than 50 years. We can help increase consumer confidence in your products by demonstrating that your PCB is compliant to regulatory safety requirements and has been tested to the highest set of reliability and performance standards.

Our full range of PCB testing and certification services tests to UL Standards and many other international, national andregional requirements, including ASTM, IPC and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Our testing services include:

Pre-certification services

  • Consulting
  • Planning
  • Project optimization
  • Quotation

Safety testing and certification

  • PCB-specific compliance to UL Standards
  • PCB-related compliance
  • UL Recognized Components
  • Production board testing

Performance and reliability testing

  • Thermal and environmental conditioning
  • Structural integrity and failure analysis via microsection
  • Interconnect stress testing (IST)
  • Signal integrity testing
  • Conductive anodic filament (CAF) testing
  • Conformal coating and solder mask testing

Overall testing capability

  • Advanced analytical
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Environmental
  • Flammability
  • Mechanical and physical

PCB testing benefits you and your customers

We can help you gain the confidence and credibility you need to succeed in each of your target markets. Our list of commonly requested tests, such as advanced analytical techniques, chemical testing, electrical testing, environmental testing, flammability testing, and mechanical and physical property testing, helps ensure that we can meet all of your testing needs in one location. Working with one provider not only saves you time, it saves you money.

Getting your PCB certification through UL

PCB components and materials that are recognized by UL are known to have undergone the industry’s most stringent safety testing and follow-up program. UL Recognized Components are listed in UL Product iQ® and the UL iQ™ database. This allows your customers to search and identify the components and materials they need to complete their subassemblies or end products.

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