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Non-Clinical Testing Solutions for Medical Devices

Healthcare packaging and biocompatibility evaluations

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Healthcare product and medical device safety go beyond performance and usage. Non-clinical testing evaluates factors outside of a clinical setting that can affect device accuracy and impact patient safety.

Testing services for non-clinical medical devices

Our non-clinical testing allows us to look at things such as transportation, storage, lab equipment, microbiology and usability to help ensure healthcare products are safe before they are introduced into a clinical setting. Our engineers rigorously test healthcare products and their packaging around the globe for both safety and compliance.

We can assist you with:

  • Packaging safety and validation for sterility, storage and transport
  • Material characterization and physiochemistry analysis for direct or indirect body contact
  • Biocompatibility and toxicity evaluations for adverse reactions
  • Validation of sterilization processes to curb potential risk or fever reaction

Why UL Solutions for non-clinical medical device testing

We have a deep understanding of non-clinical forces on healthcare products that can compromise medical devices and patient safety. Our global facilities are comprehensive and our customizable tests help ensure your healthcare products and medical devices are packaged, stored and safe when put into use.

Download our infosheet

UL Solutions non-clinical services infosheet

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