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Lighting Test Equipment

The goniophotometer equipment that we use in our laboratories is available for your laboratory

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Our engineers have made the goniophotometers used in UL laboratories available to purchase for yours.  We can also design custom test equipment to your set of unique specifications.  We make both automated and manual equipment to test product performance and product reliability.  And we install and service equipment around the world.

Standard test equipment for sale includes our High speed Type C mirror goniophotometers for testing lamps and luminaires.  Our custom test equipment includes almost anything you may need for your verification or R&D testing.  Our engineers are skilled in PLC controls, LabView programming, and mechanical and electrical design.

Our core product, the popular Type-C goniophotometer, was honored by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) of North America as a significant engineering advancement for the lighting industry.


The equipment we manufacture and sell is the same equipment that we use in our own laboratories around the world to conduct thousands of tests each year.

Our technical team knows this equipment inside and out, and is available to provide assistance in facility planning/modification and technical requirements as they relate to standards and operation of our equipment.  Our team has participated in ISO 17025 audits and is knowledgeable about testing practices and standards.

When you choose us to design and manufacture custom equipment to your specifications:

  • A project manager will work with you to determine the exact specifications
  • A design engineer will analyze your needs and design the equipment
  • A skilled technician will build the equipment
  • A test engineer will verify operation

If needed, an engineer or skilled installation technician will install the equipment at your facility.

Why UL

Whether you chose our standard equipment or have us build to your specifications, you can expect the high standard of quality that UL is known for and our lighting team’s industry-specific expertise.  Our product design experts have decades of experience making robust and reliable testing equipment.  Our engineers have the knowledge and experience to make testing repeatable and accurate, and our experts in the lighting equipment industry make sure our products are relevant and capable.

For additional support, please visit Locations, and select the site and contact number convenient to your location.

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