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Lighting Performance Testing Videos

Explore the specialized equipment used for photometry testing to IES, EN, and UNI standards for lamps and luminaire performance testing.

UL Solutions engineer preparing for a photometry test in the laboratory.

Goniophotometer for testing to IES, EN and UNI standards

UL Solutions has Type A, B, and C goniophotometers for photometry testing, competitive benchmarking, and lumen maintenance (LM).

IP/IK testing for streetlighting, portable lighting, and other categories

Measurements being taken for ratings that demonstrate the degree of Impact Protection (IK) and Ingress Protection (IP).

Photometry testing with integrating spheres

From 0.5 to 3 meters, we have integrating spheres used for LM testing, the assessment of chromaticity characteristics of a product and measurement of spectral power distribution (SPD).

Lifetime power and temperature testing

For lamps and luminaires, we have customized rooms at our lighting laboratories to test performance characteristics and energy efficiency.

Noise meter room for testing to IES, EN and UNI standards

From photometry testing to competitive benchmarking, our laboratories are equipped to handle lamp and luminaire testing.

Test for salt, fog, and cyclic corrosion for lighting products

We provide environmental testing for dust, moisture, rain spray and more, including salt, fog and cyclic corrosion in specialized chambers.

Circadian heat mapping and field measurement

Using a spectroradiometer and a robotic automation, our experts map the circadian score of an indoor space.

Customized lab space for circadian luminaire testing

Watch as our engineers prepare to measure photometric characteristics and spectral power distribution (SPD).

Measuring performance with an automotive goniophotometer

Equipment used to test to IES, EN, and UNI photometry standards and automotive lighting SAE, FMVSS and CMVSS requirements.

Environmental testing with an automotive vibration table and chamber

Watch as our engineers prepare the electro-dynamic chamber to test automotive lighting products for thermal shock and more.


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