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Fire and Emergency Apparatus Testing and Certification

Our comprehensive services include factory equipment certifications, in-service testing for jurisdictions, aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle (ARFF) certifications and a vehicle inspection program (VIP).

A parked fire truck receiving maintenance.

Keep your fire equipment safe with UL Solutions

Our Fire Equipment Services have the unique capability to test in-service fire equipment for entire jurisdictions. Our field engineers perform aerial and ground ladder inspections and pump testing for fire departments to help ensure the safety of firefighters and the people they’re tasked to protect. In this video, we feature an interview with Miami Dade Fire Chief Alex Pellon and more information about how our inspection work can best help you.

Our fire apparatus testing capabilities

We are accredited by the International Accreditation Services for inspecting and testing systems on fire apparatuses in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020. As one of the most recognized third-party testing organizations in fire safety, our understanding of how to properly apply NFPA 1911 requirements is unparalleled. Our extensive knowledge of fire equipment testing enables us to serve as your integrated one-stop shop service provider.

Vehicle inspection program (VIP)

Our vehicle inspection program (VIP) helps apparatus manufacturers demonstrate that their fire apparatus meets all applicable NFPA 1911 requirements. Fire departments typically include a clause in their bid specifications requiring compliance with NFPA 1901 when purchasing a new vehicle. This standard requires that the entity responsible for the final assembly of the vehicle delivers a certificate demonstrating full compliance. Alternatively, a statement of exceptions can be provided that specifically describes each aspect of the completed apparatus that is not in full compliance with NFPA 1911.

Firefighting vehicle (ARFF) certifications

Our ARFF program includes in-service tests to determine compliance with NFPA 414. The program includes comprehensive tests designed to determine that a vehicle is still operating at the same performance levels demonstrated at the time of manufacture.

Testing to NFPA requirements

To better serve your scheduling needs, we maintain calibrated test equipment for all applicable NFPA requirements and have dedicated UL Solutions service vans strategically placed throughout the United States. Furthermore, our automated tools provide itemized reporting on all aspects of tests, delivering results within 24 hours of completion.

Why UL Solutions for fire and emergency apparatus testing

Having tested fire department apparatus, equipment and ladders for more than 40 years, we remain committed to the advancement of fire safety science. That’s why we extend our services beyond basic testing of standardized equipment to provide technical expertise, testing and certification for apparatus prototypes and fire safety innovations as well. By testing new and improved equipment, we can help safety science engineers achieve what’s possible, and in turn, help make the world a safer place — together.


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