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Battery Enclosure Thermal Runaway (BETR) Evaluation

UL 2596, Test Method for Thermal and Mechanical Performance of Battery Enclosure Materials, evaluates electric vehicle (EV) battery enclosure materials.

Electric vehicle batteries

Trust UL Solutions to develop safety solutions for the next-generation EV battery platform for automakers around the world. Our Battery Enclosure Thermal Runaway (BETR) evaluation uses UL 2596, Test Method for Thermal and Mechanical Performance of Battery Enclosure Materials, to help material manufacturers, suppliers and automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) select EV battery enclosure materials with greater confidence. Our testing methodology evaluates material performance by simulating a thermal runaway scenario. We can help you:

  • Test material plaques vs. the entire battery assembly, reducing testing costs and development time
  • Screen multiple formulas and constructions during research and development so that material producers can offer OEMs better solutions to meet their needs
  • Compare performance among materials

What is thermal runaway in batteries?

Thermal runaway events are dynamic. An EV battery undergoing thermal runaway can respond in several different ways, including a jet-like flame that erupts from the battery. In conjunction with the flame, the battery ejects particle material that could erode its protective enclosure. Inside the enclosure, these flaming gases build pressure. Therefore, it is critical to test the enclosure to evaluate how the material responds to the combination of high temperature, pressure, and ejected battery particle materials.

Why UL Solutions 

As a global safety science company and a leading provider in plastics testing, we can help you achieve compliance and reduce liability and risk across the entire supply chain, access global markets faster, and clearly differentiate your products in the ever-changing competitive marketplace. Our strong history in certification and collaboration with industry leaders on standards development makes us a trusted expert in the compliance arena. Stakeholders rely on us for knowledge and technical expertise to address safety issues amid emerging technologies and products. Working with us allows you to take advantage of our cost- and time-saving service efficiencies to help you reduce your time to market.


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