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Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Testing and Certification

Enhance and demonstrate the safety of your augmented, virtual and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) devices and equipment.

Manufacturing engineer wearing VR goggle headset in virtual reality simulation

AR/VR/MR innovation and adoption

Advances in 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies combined with more affordable and compact devices and an influx of skilled software developers is driving rapid innovation and adoption of AR/VR/MR products. The market is expanding quickly, and analysts forecast that consumers will be using more than 100 million AR/VR/MR headsets and smart glasses by 2023.*

With the heightened demand for products such as head-mounted displays, holographic displays and VR simulators, manufacturers and developers are challenged with the task of balancing design and innovation with user safety.

Standards and requirements

New standards are required to help manufacturers mitigate the unique safety risks associated with AR/VR/MR products. These include concerns regarding potential safety hazards related to prolonged use of an AR/VR/MR headset, such as headaches and neck strain as a consequence of continually carrying equipment weight, or potentially adverse effects resulting from extended durations of exposure to harmful optical radiation sources. 

In response, our nonprofit affiliate, Underwriters Laboratories, established a Standards Technical Panel (STP) to develop UL 8400, the Standard for Safety for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Technology Equipment. UL 8400 will be one of the first standards dedicated to spatial computing and extended reality equipment safety.

AR/VR/MR testing and certification

We provide a comprehensive range of testing and certification services for your AR/VR/MR products and add-on auxiliary equipment. Our experts can perform preliminary design evaluations and testing to the upcoming UL 8400, as well as evaluate, test and certify to other local, national and international safety Standards such as UL/IEC 62368-1. We can help you understand evolving safety risks, demonstrate due diligence, protect brand liability and navigate market requirements to gain consumer confidence and launch innovative AR/VR/MR products to the global marketplace.


*Gartner’s 2019 Unified Retail Retailer Survey

Gain insight on the creation and importance of UL 8400

Tyler Gates and Sophia Moshasha of the VR/AR Association’s podcast, Everything VR & AR, interview Ibrahim Jilani, director and global industry leader for UL Solutions Consumer Technology division, about UL Solutions' efforts in establishing UL 8400, Standard for Safety for Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality Technology Equipment, the first safety Standard around immersive technologies. Tyler and Sophia discuss with Ibrahim what it means for immersive technology to start to come of age for consumers and how creating standards for VR and AR hardware allows manufacturers to build and scale the technology in a safe and meaningful way.

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