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Understanding Fire Suppression Products and Standards e-Book

Our e-book offers an overview of fire suppression systems, including fire pumps, extinguishers, extinguishing systems, sprinkler pipes, fittings, nozzles, valves and fire main equipment.

Close up of a sprinkler head

Fire suppression systems extinguish, prevent and control fires from occurring or spreading, helping protect lives and property. They involve a complex interplay of components, everything from the containers that store extinguishing agents to the detection, discharge devices, actuation and distribution systems that make them work.

Having your fire suppression system tested and certified by a third party is critical to minimizing life and property risks in built environments.

Products certified by a trusted third party have been evaluated for compliance and can provide that evidence to code authorities and help minimize safety risks to life and property.

In this guide, you will learn about fire suppression system components, including:

  • Fire pumps
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguishing systems
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Automatic sprinklers
  • Importance of third-party certification
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Understanding fire suppression products and standards eBook

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