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Indoor Air Quality Certification

As the first of its kind, our certification program provides third-party Verification of your commitment to indoor air quality — helping build consumer trust in your brand.



The UL Indoor Air Quality Certification Program is the world’s first comprehensive indoor air quality (IAQ) certification and preventative maintenance program. It addresses moisture, airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs), airborne particulate matter (PM), integrated pest management (IPM) and other aspects of indoor air quality. The program also provides reasonable measures to detect recognized and common sources of indoor air quality problems where they occur. Once certified, you can receive the UL GREENGUARD® Certification Mark —providing third-party Verification of your commitment to indoor air quality.

More specifically, ourIndoor Air Quality Certification Program aims to:
  • Identify and prevent moisture issues that can lead to mold growth
  • Reduce exposure to harmfulVOCs, fine PM(PM 2.5) and other indoor air quality issues
  • Highlight the impacts of multiple related or interdependent systems
  • Give facility managers, maintenance staff, occupants and residents the tools they need to avoid costly indoor air quality problems and maintain a healthy building
Features of Residential IAQ (GREENGUARD for Homes) UL 3036:
  • For multifamily, modular and site-built houses that are identical in design and specify the same low-emitting materials
  • Applies to tested models that are demonstrated to be compliant by inspection and testing
  • Applies to units at the time of occupancy
  • Annual recertification of the model after successful audit and retesting
Benefits include:
  • Confidence in designs of components and selection of materials
  • Knowledge that the ventilation system design was reviewed and performance assessed
  • Occupants are more informed on effective management of IAQ/IPM/moisture
Features of Building IAQ UL 2891:
  • For commercial and institutional buildings and for buildings in the hospitality industry
  • Applies to specific buildings or portions of buildings that are demonstrated to be compliant by inspection and testing
  • Applies to assessed buildings when occupied
  • Two certification extensions permitted with successful audits –Renewable after 39 months
Benefits include:
  • Reduction in maintenance costs through early detection of indoor air quality issues (mold and moisture remediation costs more than100 times more on average than a prevention program [U.S. Department of Energy (DOE),“Moisture Management Market Opportunities Situation Analysis,” 2005]).
  • Reduction in complaints and potential for downtime through avoidance of indoor air quality problems, such as odors and remediation efforts
  • Enhanced quality control of contractors and third-party vendors
  • Differentiation, brand enhancement and demonstration of market leadership
  • Detailed indoor air quality reports and monitoring data that streamline documentation and effort required for certification to green building programs, such as LEED® and Green Globes
  • Occupant engagement on their role in promoting IAQ


All seven of the healthy homes principles noted by the National Center for Healthy Homes are recognized by components of the ResIAQ certification.

An additional perk of certification specifically pertains to employers. According to a study by West Bend Mutual Insurance Company, creating and maintaining good indoor environmental quality increases employee productivity by up to 8 percent and decreases absenteeism. As a result, the financial impact of creating a healthier indoor environment is estimated to be more than 50 times the cost-savings from energy efficiency measures required for LEED Silver Certification.

Why UL

We are a global expert in indoor air quality testing and our rigorous indoor air quality Standards give building owners and occupants confidence that their buildings have healthy indoor air. Since UL is such a trusted name in air quality testing, our air quality certification programs give assurance that the claims being made have been tested and verified to the industry’s highest standards. In other words, working with us not only shows your commitment to the well-being of others, it shows that you are a true market leader in environmental stewardship and consumer safety practices.

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