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Successfully introducing on the market an advanced medical wearable device: Sidly case study.

SiDLY Care Pro telemedicine wristband.

The SiDLY Care Pro telemedicine wristband is a medical monitoring device with a wide range of functionalities used in the field of home patient care.

To validate and verify the accuracy and performance of their telemedical device, Sidly worked with UL Solutions. They wanted to ensure that the product met the required standards for pulse and saturation measurement in ISO 80601-2-61. SiDLY knew that achieving UL Certification would demonstrate to the market that the device met the necessary requirements specified in ISO 80601-2-61 and would differentiate it among discriminating consumers.

According to Edyta Kocyk, company founder and president: “The specific challenge we faced with our product was to ensure that it met the highest standards of quality and certification. Given that SiDLY Care Pro is relied upon daily by our medical rescuers to provide vital information and guidance to users, it was essential for us to achieve accurate and reliable measurements of pulse and saturation levels. This required developing a solution that could perform consistently and accurately, even in challenging environments or during physical activity.”

To read more about Sidly Sp z o.o. challenges and how UL Solutions experts where able to support them, download the full case study.

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“UL Solutions played a crucial role in the certification process. They carefully examined our solutions, reviewed documentation and records and conducted necessary tests. This comprehensive evaluation helped ensure that our device met the required standards and received certification, signifying its compliance with ISO 80601-2-61.”

  • Edyta Kocyk
  • Company founder and president, Sidly
Download the full case study

Patient monitoring success story: SIDLY case study

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