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Zhejiang Xinyi Shengao Mechanical Transmission's Adjustable Table Base Certified

UL customer celebration

June 20, 2019

A pioneer in third-party testing and certification solutions for the furniture industry, UL supports the furniture industry with innovative programs that provide new approaches to safety certification that meet the changing needs of the industry, while simultaneously ensuring the same high level of safety certification.

In that perspective, UL has recently announced that Zhejiang Xinyi Shengao Mechanical Transmission Company became the first company to receive the UL Listed Safety Certification Mark for their height adjustable table bases.

Designed to assess the functional and electrical safety of table bases that are sold independently for mix-and-match use with different table tops, this new safety certification solution enables manufacturers of adjustable height table frames to demonstrate the safety of their products, certifying them as finished products rather than furniture components.

 “Alongside increasing demand for table bases that can accommodate any worksurface, there is a growing need for assurance that these table bases demonstrate safety during normal usage. This solution shows that UL is innovating to meet the safety needs of an evolving furniture market,”  said Doug Lockard, global commercial director for UL’s Environment and Sustainability division. “We’re delighted to work with companies like Zhejiang Xinyi Shengao Mechanical Transmission Company to further champion safe products.”

Through a more flexible certification process that includes testing, product construction review and documentation as well as manufacturer site audits, recipients of Safety Certification for Height Adjustable Table Bases receive the UL Listing.

“We are pleased to take a leadership role in creating products that are safer. We also are very pleased to be the very first company in Asia, actually in the world, to offer table bases that have met the rigorous safety standards of UL 962. This certification allows us to help ensure safety and compliance of our products around the world,” said Frank L. Merrild, Chairman of Zhejiang Xinyi Shengao Mechanical Transmission Company.

In addition to the Listed Safety Certification for Adjustable Table Bases UL has recently launched new solutions including Limited Production and Flexible Construction Programs for Commercial Displays, Components Acceptance Program and Furniture Stability Verification.  To learn more about UL’s programs for furniture, visit: