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Vermont House Supports Toxic Chemical Regulation for Children’s Products

May 21, 2014

The Vermont House and Senate have supported passed Senate Bill S.239, which would provide regulation of toxic chemicals found in children’s products. The bill gives the Vermont Department of Health the authority to require manufacturers to label or remove toxic chemicals from products sold in the state. If the bill is enacted into law, companies would be required to report chemicals in their products to a state website starting July 1, 2015.

The bill defines children’s products as any consumer product marketed for use by (or marketed to), sold, offered for sale, or distributed to children under age 12, including toys, cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, car seats, and products for teething, sucking, or for the facilitation of sleep, relaxation, or feeding. There are exemptions that apply to batteries, electronics, snow sporting equipment, inaccessible components, packaging, and secondhand products.

The bill is awaiting the governor’s final approval before it becomes law.


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