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United States Issues Final Rule on Food Labeling for Serving Size

June 21, 2016

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released a final rule entitled Food Labeling: Serving Sizes of Foods That Can Reasonably Be Consumed At One Eating Occasion; Dual-Column Labeling; Updating, Modifying, and Establishing Certain Reference Amounts Customarily Consumed; Serving Size for Breath Mints; and Technical Amendments.

This following items are addressed by the final rule, which is effective beginning July 26, 2016:

  • Definition of a single-serving container
  • Requirements for dual-column labeling for certain containers
  • Update, modification, and establishment of reference amounts customarily consumed (RACCs)
  • Amendments to the label serving size for breath mints
  • Technical amendments to various aspects of the serving size regulations