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UL's Mark Leimbeck speaks about risk management at recent MedTech Intelligence conference

March 21, 2016

During MedTech Intelligence’s recent conference on risk management, experts discussed a range of issues, from patient, clinical and engineering perspectives to evaluating and integrating risk management into various functions within a company. During an interactive panel, Jon Speer, founder & VP QA/RA at, asks Mark Leimbeck, program manager at UL EduNeering to touch on the third edition of IEC 60601-1 and the risk management requirements.

“One of my biggest concerns was consistency,” said Leimbeck. “Making sure that if we had a client who walked in the door in Taiwan they got the same opinion as the person who walked into our office in Melville, New York as in Frankfurt, Germany.” Watch the video for the rest of Leimbeck’s insights.

Click here to view original article "Consistency Needed in Addressing IEC 60601-1 3rd Edition Risk Management" published by MedTech Intelligence.