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UL Water Systems to Expand Market Access for UL Customers

November 19, 2015

UL is now providing a way for manufacturers to be alerted to municipal bid and tenders that are specific to the water industry.

UL LLC, a global safety science organization, has partnered with H2bid to provide UL customers with access to H2bid’s industry-leading water and wastewater utility bid database.

For over 25 years, UL’s Certification programs have been helping product manufacturers and distributors demonstrate their products meet the strict requirements set forth by water districts and municipalities throughout North America.  H2bid is the leading source of water utility and wastewater utility bid information in the United States – collecting more bids than any other source. The company works to make the water utility and wastewater utility markets more efficient and easily adaptable to new and innovative technologies by forging improved connections for utilities with vendors and contractors.

UL has found another way to provide additional value to our water systems customers by connecting them to H2bid’s large database of municipalities who are actively seeking bids to procure water system components such as pipes, valves, pumps, etc. and also water treatment chemicals. Access to H2bid’s solution will provide additional opportunities to access market opportunities with water utilities and wastewater utilities throughout the United States.

The water utility market is large and complex, with more than 50,000 utilities advertising their intended purchases in different locations. H2bid was built to improve the efficiency of the water utility procurement marketplace by making it easier for suppliers to find and respond to bid opportunities that they might not otherwise be aware of. This service is being made available to our UL water systems clients on a trial basis in order for our clients to expand their addressable markets.

It is important for our customers to increase their sales and also for municipalities to have multiple bids that meet their specifications.  Providing access to H2bid’s services brings both sides together.

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