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UL Joins Forces with Stantec to Offer Field Evaluation Services for Gas-Fired Equipment in Alberta

August 29, 2016

UL, a global safety science organization, announces an alliance with Stantec Consulting Limited to offer field evaluation services that will confirm gas-fired equipment is gas code B149.3 compliant. As an accredited Standards Council of Canada (SCC) Certification Body (CB) and Inspection Body (IB), Underwriters Laboratories of Canada will work with Stantec to support industry owners and operators to help confirm gas-fired equipment compliant with Alberta regulatory requirements before the January 1, 2020 deadline.

“UL is very pleased to enter into this new alliance with Stantec to deliver enhanced engineering services in the dynamic oil and gas industry,” said Joe Hosey, General Manager of Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. “We have been striving to bring a strong compliment of services to the Alberta market and with this new alliance, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada and Stantec will be able to enhance our local service portfolio and contribute to the continued success of our customers in Alberta.”

This unique collaboration and distinct service offering will benefit the oil and gas industry in Alberta, providing technical expertise and evaluation capabilities to the estimated 300,000 natural gas burners and appliances that do not currently meet or have field approval. To date, burner systems that have been upgraded to be gas code B149.3 compliant could be certified by a professional engineer designation or independent inspectors. Beginning July 1, 2016, certifications can only be performed by a third party, independent accredited inspector. Stantec’s extensive Oil & Gas experience and Underwriters Laboratories of Canada’s accredited certification and inspection process will create the fifth inspection agency in Alberta qualified to conduct gas code B149.3 field evaluations and approvals.

“Stantec has been engaged over the years with our clients to assist in identifying, planning, consulting and implementing cost effective solutions for improvements for operations, including gas-fired equipment,” said Dean Robertson, director, Oil & Gas, Stantec. “The synergies between our respective companies make this an ideal collaboration of engineering expertise and inspection capabilities that will benefit the Oil & Gas industry in Alberta.”