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UL Expands Capacity for Energy Efficiency and Performance Testing of Lighting Technologies

July 19, 2012


ALLENTOWN, Pa., July 19, 2012 - UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a premier global safety science company, today celebrated the opening of a new 38,000 square-foot laboratory located in Allentown, Pa. The state-of-the-art Photometric Testing & Technology Center will be a testing and certification hub for all of North America. The lab conducts testing of lighting products to various global energy efficiency programs such as Energy Star, DesignLights Consortium, Lighting Facts, Zhaga, California Energy Commission, CAP (MSHA) and National Resources Canada. The Allentown facility is also globally recognized as one of the first Zhaga-approved testing laboratories and offers testing to various IES standards, including LM-79.


The expanded capacity enhances UL's testing services for the entire supply chain in the lighting industry, from distributors of electrical material, to manufacturers, retailers, architects and designers. Not only will the ISO/IEC 17025-accredited lab feature the fastest turn-around times in the industry for verifying product performance, it will also offer expanded photometric testing with state-of-the-art goniophotometers and integrating spheres and allow customers to leverage onsite training facilities.






"Our goal is to offer industry leading capacity which will serve to provide the fastest turnaround time for testing, ultimately helping our customers develop technologically advanced products and get their products to market faster, without sacrificing safety, quality and performance," said Alberto Uggetti, UL's vice-president and general manager for Global Lighting. "We understand how the demands for LED technology and energy efficiency are transforming the lighting industry and we believe this spectacular facility will provide a competitive advantage for our customers around the world."



"This new facility will ultimately help industry discover new efficiencies for developing and manufacturing lighting products," said Todd Straka, UL's Business Development Director for Lighting. "The expanded testing capabilities and potential for onsite training programs provides manufacturers with comprehensive solutions to help them stay competitive and be better prepared to address the various requirements of Energy-Efficiency Verification Programs, ultimately offering higher-quality lighting products to the market which will aid in accelerating the adoption of solid-state lighting."



The Photometric Testing & Technology Center further enhances UL's global leadership in the lighting industry and is now one of five locations in China, Italy, India and North America providing global performance testing services. The facility provides testing in many facets of the lighting industry including: Residential, Commercial, Outdoor, Street and Area Lighting, Transportation, Mining, and Components.