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UL Awards World's First Safety Certification For Data Sync And Charging Cable

April 18, 2018

UL awarded the world's first data synchronization and charging cable certifications, knows as the information and communication technology (ICT) Data / Power Cable Certification, to two industry leaders: Foxconn International and Luxshare Precision. The program addresses the safety concerns of cables specifically for cable assemblies that provide data transmission and power or charging for connected equipment in a circuit that does not exceed 60 V dc, 8.0 A and 100 W through the control of connector/cable materials and electrical design by performing testing in accordance with the newly published Outline UL 9990.

The program consists of a comprehensive factory inspection and market surveillance to help ensure ongoing compliance of the cable assemblies. It helps retailers and e-commerce providers achieve market traceability along the supply chain, win the trust of consumers and end-users, while enhancing the confidence of retailers, installers and brand owner and strengthening competitiveness through product differentiation.

The program has quickly received the support of retailers and e-commerce providers, as well as positive responses from a number of well-known brands, suppliers and manufacturers, some of which are now in business consultation or certification application with UL.

For additional information, please contact our business representatives via the following link as soon as possible.