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Time to Talk Advanced Inverters


January 19, 2018

With renewable energy growing in popularity and becoming a larger share of overall energy production in the United States, the network of power grids must evolve to safely respond to this trend. Smart inverters – or advanced inverters – help make this transition possible by using advanced technology and intelligence to allow power grids to manage these changing conditions. In December, Ken Boyce, Principal Designated Engineering Director, and Bruce Bailey, Renewables Business Manager, both with UL’s Energy Power & Technology division, joined the Inside Renewable Energy podcast to discuss this transition.

In response to the needs of regulators in the energy innovation space, UL gathered experts, including US regulators, utilities, manufacturers, and users, to understand industry needs and develop a reliable standard. The result of this effort is UL 1741 Supplement A (UL 1741 SA) and it is helping the industry evolve safely.

Listen now to learn more about UL 1741 SA, how UL can help support the growth of renewable energy, and to better understand the evolution of smart grids.