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Switzerland Initiates Transitory Period for Labeling Legislation of Products Containing Furs or Pelts

May 21, 2013

Passed last December and now entered into force in Switzerland, a transitional period for a new piece of legislation "Ordonnance sur la déclaration des fourrures et des produits de la pelleterie (Ordonnance sur la déclaration des fourrures)" pertains to the labeling of any products containing furs or pelts. The labeling will become mandatory in Switzerland from February 28, 2014.

According to the webpage providing some guidance for the legislation published by the Swiss Confederation - Declaration of furs and pelts the following applies:

"... each product containing animal fur or pelt must be fitted with a clearly visible label (see "Examples for labels" on the right hand side) containing the following information:

  • Animal species: The label must contain the scientific and the common name of the animal.
  • Origin of the fur: The country in which the animal was hunted, bred or raised until ready for slaughter must be indicated. Should this not be possible, the smallest possible geographic area must be indicated.
  • Indication of provenance/ rearing method

Affected by this declaration are all furs, pelts and products thereof of mammals, with the exception of the following:

  • Domesticated animals of the equine-, bovine-, porcine-, ovine- and caprine species
  • Llamas and alpacas"